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1. Bangkok, Thailand - 3 injured in bomb, gun attacks against taxi comm
From: George Lessard

2. Johannesburg, SA - Misa to set up community radio station in Lesotho
From: George Lessard

3. (AMARC-WIN) 16 Day Broadcast Campaign to Denounce Gender Violence in
From: George Lessard

4. Job opening-- Chief of Party for Sudan Radio Service
From: lisahartenberger

5. "More Women on the Move" - Special feature.
From: Rene Plaetevoet

1. Bangkok, Thailand - 3 injured in bomb, gun attacks against taxi comm
Posted by: "George Lessard" themediamentor
Date: Tue Nov 25, 2008 9:35 pm ((PST))

3 injured in bomb, gun attacks against taxi community radio station

Bangkok, Thailand -

Two men were injured by bomb shrapnel and one was shot when a group of men
hurled two bombs and fired at the 92.75 community radio station for taxi

Police said the attack happened at 4:30 am.

The station was located inside Vibhavadi Rangsit Soi 3 where dozens of
guards of the People's Alliance for Democracy attacked taxi drivers
Tuesday evening.

A taxi driver, who identified himself as Watcharin, said he and friends
were standing at the mouth of the soi and suddenly heard two explosions
and the assailants also opened fire at them.

The injured were rushed to the Rajvithi Hospital.

The Nation

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2. Johannesburg, SA - Misa to set up community radio station in Lesotho
Posted by: "George Lessard" themediamentor
Date: Tue Nov 25, 2008 9:39 pm ((PST))

Misa to set up radio in Lesotho - Johannesburg,South Africa

The Lesotho chapter of the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) is
working towards the launch of a community radio station, writes Mzimkhulu
Sithetho. ...


According to MISA-Lesotho's Information & Communication officer, Thabang
Matjama, the community radio station will be set up in the area of
Mafeteng. It will belong to the people of the area, and broadcast their
issues such as stock theft, local government and others that pertain to
that particular community.

Matjama says residents will have to craft a constitution and elect a
management board for the station.

According to MISA, the station will have to work laterally and
horizontally by engaging people in the area, shifting from the commercial
radio stations' normal way of reporting that focuses on ministers and top
government officials as news sources.

According to MISA, the grassroots people hardly have their vices heard in
the mainstream media, but there are issues that pertain to them that
warrant media attention.

The new radio will be an alternative voice that will ensure equitable
information dissemination to a large section of society.

Matjama says MISA will pass on the station to the people after it has
stabilized both managerially and financially. It is a pilot project, he
says: "Then other community radio stations must emerge that will ensure
that people get their voices heard right from their communities."

The initiative is financially sponsored by the United Nations Scientific
and Cultural Organization in Lesotho – (UNESCO Commission).

MISA provides technical support for the establishment of the radio
station, fulfilling one of its key functions, that of ensuring a
pluralistic and diverse media in the country.

Licensing of the station is currently under way and the launch is expected
next year once all processes leading to the station's formation are

On November 03-07, 2008, MISA trained various groups within the Mafeteng
region where the radio station will be located.

Lesotho has registered rapid growth of the broadcast media with ten radio
stations being set up since 1997. Some are church-owned, others commercial
and two are the state-run Radio Lesotho and Ultimate FM.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 25 November 2008 )

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3. (AMARC-WIN) 16 Day Broadcast Campaign to Denounce Gender Violence in
Posted by: "George Lessard" themediamentor
Date: Tue Nov 25, 2008 9:44 pm ((PST))

16 Days Broadcast Campaign to Denounce Gender Violence in the Media
By womensphere
From November 25 to December 10th, the Women's International Network of
the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC-WIN) will
highlight the 16 days of activism against gender violence with an Internet
campaign to ...

The campaign will be broadcast at

This years' international theme of the campaign is "Media and Violence
Against Women". The campaign seeks to denounce gender violence in the
media and will cover 3 dimensions:
(a) Media as an instrument in combating violence against women.
(b) Violence against women as projected in the media which "normalizes"
(c) Violence committed against women media practitioners.

The 16 days campaign starts on November 25th with the International Day
for the Elimination of Violence Against Women; it continues on November
29th with the International Women's Human Rights Defenders Day; followed
by December 1: World AIDS Day; December 6: Commemoration day of the
Montreal (Canada) Massacre in 1989 and ends with the December 10th:
International Human rights Day. The campaign will be broadcast at

Community radio producers from Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Europe,
North America and Latin America and the Caribbean will dedicate these 16
days to highlight the effort of women and men working to put an end to
gender violence. The programs featured will include documentaries,
interviews, debates, poetry, music and much more. This multilingual
broadcast campaign mobilizes community radios around a global issue and
encourages them to use new communication technologies such as the Internet
to extend the reach of their voices. Radio stations around the globe are
invited to download the audio files from the AMARC-WIN 16 days website and
broadcast them in their radio stations.

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4. Job opening-- Chief of Party for Sudan Radio Service
Posted by: "lisahartenberger" lisahartenberger
Date: Wed Nov 26, 2008 6:36 am ((PST))

Education Development Center (EDC) is one of the world's leading non-
profit research and development firms. Established in 1958, EDC's
work spans the globe, joining research with practice to meet today's
and tomorrow's challenges in education, health promotion, technology,
human rights, and the environment. While the issues we confront are
complex, all that we do is united by one simple conviction: Learning
is the liberating force in human development.

EDC is Committed to Diversity in the Workplace

EDC's Sudan Radio Service project has an opening for a Chief of Party
in Juba, southern Sudan.

Sudan Radio Service (SRS) is a USAID-supported project that aims to
deliver accurate, balanced news and information to the people of
Sudan—via shortwave broadcasts heard nationally and an FM broadcast
heard in Juba, southern Sudan—in an effort to promote peace and
development. SRS has a team of nearly 40 journalists/producers based
in Sudan and Nairobi, Kenya who report news and develop informational
programming based on the journalistic principles of fairness and

The Chief of Party (COP) is EDC's senior project representative in-
country and is responsible for all aspects of the project. The COP
will report to the Project Director, who assists in establishing the
vision and direction of the project within the bounds of the
agreement with USAID.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS - All staff are expected to communicate clearly
and courteously; to develop and maintain positive relationships with
clients, consultants, collaborators, co-workers, field sites, and
funders; and to work respectfully with EDC colleagues. All jobs
require adherence to EDC policies & procedures.

The Chief of Party (I) has overall responsibility for leading and
managing an international project's administrative, programmatic,
technical, and operational aspects in the field — in collaboration
with Project Director and in accordance with EDC, funder, and host
country requirements — to achieve project success. The Chief of Party

· Provide an overall vision and direction for the project, which
requires strategizing and setting priorities;

· Manage the professionally and socially diverse implementing team
on the ground as a cohesive and collaborative group, monitoring
technical progress;

· Selects, hires, and supervises staff and subcontractors; assigns
roles & responsibilities; manages performance

· Develop and enforce management practices that promote good
communication, a task-oriented work ethic, and compliance with USAID
and EDC rules and regulations, as well as host country laws;

· Establish, maintain, and be responsible for the ongoing
administrative and financial operation of project offices with
accountability to the home office;

· Ensure that project planning is detailed, timely, and occurs
within the context of the overall vision of the project;

· Take the lead in communicating with donors, implementing partners
and stakeholders, and in establishing and sustaining good relations
with them, while balancing the need to maintain SRS' position as an
independent news provider;

· Prepare and monitor budgets and ensure that accounting systems are
adequately staffed and efficient so that reports are accurate, timely
and complete;

· Ensure that all legal, contractual, human resource and
communication functions are complete, timely and effective, drawing
on resources from the home office as needed;

· Supervise all local and international staff working on the

· Strive to maintain SRS' reputation as the leading independent
broadcast news outlet in Sudan;

· Conveys organizational philosophy and values;

· May perform other duties, as needed.

The Chief of Party (I)
• Is responsible for partnering successfully with Project Director,
Center, Business Services, expatriate and local staff
• Is a representative of EDC and the project in the host country,
interfacing with the ministry, or other government leaders, the
funder, and others; builds positive client, vendor, and funder
• Demonstrates diplomacy and leadership to foster an atmosphere of
teamwork, productivity, creativity, fairness, equity, and innovation,
in support of EDC's commitment to diversity
• Negotiates and mediates effectively
• Interacts with large numbers of program participants or team
members, guiding feedback exchanges, facilitating problem-solving,
and providing expertise
• Oversees administrative and logistical coordination; secures
consensus about priorities and competing workload demands
• Supervises technical, management, and administrative staff; directs
and coordinates work of team leaders &/or project managers
• Organizes and coaches teams
• Fosters excellent communications among all parties, including with
EDC home offices
• Oversees training programs, workshops, conferences, or other
• Travels
• Manages and coordinates activities of subcontractors and all
partners to create synergy

QUALIFICATIONS - All jobs require educational achievement; excellent
writing skills; demonstrable initiative, creativity, and flexibility;
ability to work independently and effectively in groups; strong
interpersonal & organizational skills. This position requires:

· Outstanding leadership skills;

· Excellent analytical skills and aptitude for details;

· Experience working with people of widely varying skills, cultural
backgrounds, and professional qualifications;

· Ability to train and mentor others in management and technical

· Proven track record in a media organization as producer,
journalist, etc.; media leadership experience as program director,
news director, managing editor, editor-in-chief, etc. would be added

· Strong budget management skills;

· Ability to delegate tasks and supervise teams of people;

· Detail-oriented, particularly regarding procurement and other
sensitive administrative and management-related issues;

· Basic technical broadcasting knowledge and/or experience

· At least a bachelor's degree in a media-related field;

· With Bachelor's degree, 7–10 years related experience

· With Master's degree, 5–8 years related experience, including a
minimum of 5 years supervisory/project management or program
development experience

· Strong understanding of the role that media and communications can
play in a developing and/or post-conflict society;

· Experience in monitoring and evaluating media-related education
activities a plus;

· Experience working in or running a USAID-sponsored program;

· Capacity to work in difficult conditions and function well under

· Strong English verbal and written communication skills;

· Arabic language skills desirable;

· Significant international experience and experience in a
developing country required;

· Be creative, flexible, and a team player.

Anticipated starting date is February 2009.

To apply go to
and follow the

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5. "More Women on the Move" - Special feature.
Posted by: "Rene Plaetevoet" rplaetevoet
Date: Wed Nov 26, 2008 7:13 am ((PST))

Brussels, 26 November 2008

Radio 1812 / 2008 Edition

More Women on the Move – Special Package

On the occasion of the "16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence
Campaign" we are releasing
<> a package of
audio reports dealing with the issue of female migration.

More and more women are on the move, representing already half of the
migrants worldwide. They are often targets of discrimination, abuse and
other forms of violence. This is why female migrant workers need special

Listen to our reports and rebroadcast them! One is about the feminization of
migration and another one brings you women migrant stories. We also offer an
in-depth interview with Leila Rispens-Noel, who works with Oxfam Novib in
the Netherlands on migration and development projects.

<> La
migración se"feminiza" (report in Spanish)

<> Les
difficultés d'émigrer (report in French)

"Vulnerable Migrant Women" (Interview with Leila Rispens-Noel, in English)

These reports were prepared for Radio 1812 by Caroline Ausserer and Ruth

For any further questions, please contact the Radio 1812 team at

René Plaetevoet

Coordinator Radio 1812


Radio 1812 is a global event that brings together migrant groups and radios
from around the world to produce, broadcast and share programmes celebrating
the achievements and highlighting the concerns of migrants worldwide. The
first edition of Radio 1812 took place in 2006 and brought together over 50
radio stations in more than 25 countries. Last year, the event was even more
successful. In total 152 radio stations from 34 countries in 4 continents
participated, ranging from community radio stations to national and
international public broadcasters.

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