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[creative-radio] Germany: District Sömmerda is quicker than The VOICE – Refugees Isolatio n Camp in Gangloffsömmern will be closed


District Sömmerda is quicker than The VOICE – Refugees Isolation Camp in
Gangloffsömmern will be closed

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Isolationslager Gangloffsömmern
Gangloffsömmern Refugees isolation camp ghetto in Thueringen - Germany

While activists of The VOICE already discussed first actions linked with
the Lager Gangloffsömmern as part of the Break Isolation! - campaign, they
received the news that the authorities decided to close the Lager. As
earlier reported here, the contract with the private company
Projektentwicklungs- und Betreuungs GmbH is ending on august 31st, 2011.

VIDEO view of Ganglöffsommern-Flüchtlingsisolation

After the broad attention to the campaign against the racist isolation in
Zella-Mehlis, the discussion about the different housing practices of
refugees rose up in society and administrative circles of Thüringen.
During the protest against the Lager Zella-Mehlis, the structural problem
of housing in Lagers and the solidarity with anyone being forced to live
in a Lager has always been pointed out. In this context, it were always
mentioned Zella-Mehlis, Gangloffsömmern, Gerstungen and Breitenworbis.

Gangloffsömmern, a village of about 1000 inhabitants, barely doesn't have
anything more than a pub, a church and a football club. For shopping, the
people have to go to Straußfurt, where anyone without a car is dependent
on the rarely circulating busses. There are officially 40 unmarried men
staying in the Lager. In fact, it's just around 10-20 who are constantly
staying there. All the others make deals with the Lager staff (either 10
Euro in voucher /Gutschein, or „gifts", how it's reported by refugees) and
thereby gain the „freedom" to show up just once in a month for receiving
Gutschein and pocket money. The rest of the month they spend in other
places. But there are quite some among the men, who don't have such
resources or who don't have any friends or contacts outside of the Lager.
Due to that reason, a part of them is forcely reduced to „sleep, eat,
watch TV, sleep" (quoted inhabitant) for years.
The building is quite broken down and inside, there is a constant moldy
smell which stems from spots of rotten walls. A part of the Lager is a
gym, which is used for sports by the inhabitants of the village – the
refugees are not allowed to enter.

Isolationslager Gangloffsömmern

In preparation of coming public actions related to the completely isolated
and rotten Lager of Gangloffsömmern, some activists of The VOICE recently
visited it. On this meeting, the friends from the Lager confirmed the info
of the future closure. But another news was the intimidation attempts by
employees of the Ausländerbehörde: After a refugee had criticised the
conditions in the Lager in Junge Welt, he was confronted with the article
and threatened with juridical consequences. On behalf of the refugee
community, he received broad support.

Now it's necessary to watch the authorities cautiously and to support the
refugees in their uncompromising demand for decentral housing. Especially
those, who are already facing repressive threats. A simple transfer into
the isolated camps of other districts is as inacceptable as the opening of
a new Lager in the disctrict of Sömmerda, which would also have the aim of
isolating the refugees and controlling their life.

Break the Isolation! Decentral housing for all!

Facebook Fotos: Gangloffsömmer Refugee Ghetto
More reports and photos will be published soon.

German Text


Langeweile und Angst: Delegations-Report der Tour von The VOICE durch
Flüchtlingsheime in Thüringen

Wir fordern dringend auf zur Teilnahme und zur Unterstützung des
Flüchtlingsrecht auf ein freies Leben in Würde für alle in Deutschland und
ihres Rechtes ihren zerbrochenen Traum einer besseren Welt wieder zum
Leben zu erwecken.

"We demand for your urgent participation and support the refugee right to
free life with dignity for all in Germany and to revive their broken dream
for a better world." .. The VOICE Refugee Foum Jena - Thueringen
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Demonstration in Marz 2011 in Zella-Mehlis

Die Isolation der Flüchtlinge brechen! Die Lager schließen! Die Lager

Bezüglich unserer aktuellen Dokumentationsarbeit zu Lagern in Thüringen
wollen wir euch eben wissen lassen, welche Betreiberverträge dieses Jahr

Zella-Mehlis: 1.4.2011

Breitenworbis: 30.6.2011

Gangloffsömmern: 31.8.2011

Gerstungen: 31.8.2011

Wir wollen die Gelegenheit nutzen, den öffentlichen Protest zu
organisieren, um den Druck auf einige der Landkreise zu erhöhen, die
Verträge nicht zu verlängern. Angesichts unserer personellen Möglichkeiten
sollten wir uns jedoch auf das konzentrieren, was wir bisher an Infos und
Verbindungen zu einigen der Lager haben, um von dieser Basis aus das
rassistische Lagersystem langfristig zu entlarven.

Am Donnerstag, dem 27.1.2011, findet um 19.00 Uhr ein Treffen im
VOICE-Büro im Schillergässchen 5 in Jena statt, auf dem weitere Schritte
im Anti-Lager-Kampf diskutiert werden, um die Isolation der Flüchtlinge zu
brechen und die Lager zu schließen.


"Die Leute hier sind fix und fertig" Karawane Festival - Delegation in
Thüringer Flüchtlingslagern

Delegationsbesuch der Isolationsheime in Gerstungen und

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