Thursday, 17 December 2009

[creative-radio] At least 140 radios from 50 countries will participate in the Radio1812 event!


For the fourth year in a row, radio stations from across the world will come together to celebrate International Migrants Day by producing, broadcasting and sharing programmes that will make migrants voices heard across the world.

In his statement UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says that: "migration can be a positive and empowering experience for migrants themselves, and for both the home and host societies. But for too many migrants, the reality is discrimination, exploitation and abuse."

As December 18 we aim to raise awareness about these issues and are therefore very pleased with the continued and growing participation of radios, community-based as well as public and international broadcasters.

A special world map on the front page of the Radio1812 site shows the participating radio stations as well as a list of events to celebrate International Migrants Day.

On the site you will also find a selection of the programmes produced by the participants as well as special content which the team at Radio1812 has put together, including:

- An interview with Mr. Alhamid El Jamri, Chair of the UN Committee on Migrant Workers (in French)

- An interview with Greek filmmaker Costa Gravas, who chaired the Civil Society Days at the Global Forum on Migration and Development in Athens (in French)

- A report on Migration and Climate Change (in English)

- An interview with Khalid Louhichi from the League of Arab States on the topic of youth and migration (in French)

- A report on Cartaya, a case study of a circular migration project in Southern Spain (Spanish)

For more information please go to or send a message to

Contact: René Plaetevoet - 32-2-2741435

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