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[creative-radio] The declaration of The VOICE Refugee Conference 2010 in Jena: Reinforced resistance against institutionalised racism


The declaration of The VOICE Refugee Conference 2010 in Jena:
Reinforcedresistance against institutionalised racism

The Caravan - for the rights of refugees and migrants.
We are a nationwide network made up of refugees, migrants and antiracist

Reinforced resistance against institutionalised racism

The Conference of The VOICE Refugee Forum with various refugee Initiatives
and the Caravan-for the rights of refugees and migrants took place in
Jena, Thuringen at the weekend.

The main aims were first, a discussion of the increasingly racist
"integration" debate on the part of German public officials and the wider
society against refugees, the so-called undocumented and illegal
immigrants in Germany. Second, was the exchange of experiences in the
struggles against Lager, food-packages, Residenzpflicht and racist
violence by state officials. Also, there was the issue of intensified
networking for further actions and the need for existing campaigns to be

Concerning the so called „integration"- debate, the plenary concluded that
the term „integration" is deceptively and manipulatively employed and
should rather be replaced by „colonial assimilation" as this is the closet
portrayal of the reality. The whole discussion documents the continuity of
a central-European culture determined by racism and barbaric migration
From the position of refugees in Germany who face the continued
destruction of their home countries by Western intervention, the
murderous, militarized border control, the heartless deportation industry
and a well organised and coordinated isolation programme for refugees
epitomised by "Lagers" and Residenzpflicht", the debate is utterly
brainless and inherently psychotic.

Refugee lives are being lost here because we are being denied medical
treatment by the "sozialamt". Let them integrate the corpse. Refugees are
left in Lagers for years (and in some cases, no warm water or Heater even
in this winter) to waste for life. All over Bayern, refugees are
boycotting the age-long food-packages, many of which are expired food.
>From Mohlau to Meinersen, from Bayern to Baden-Württemberg, refugees have
waged the same resistance against inhuman conditions for months. They are
all saying the same thing: enough of this whole nonsense "integration"
debate. This resistance again shows the necessity of strongly organised
refugee communities as the only way of a consistent resistance.

The countless and brutal deaths of refugees at the hands of the police and
other state officers like the medical personnel who administered emetics
and yet remain unaccountable for their murders are true manifestations of
their "integration" design. We are not even talking about their deadly
machines at the hinterlands and borders of our home countries yet.

For us, who have been asserting our self-determination by relentlessly
fighting for our basic human rights, organising autonomously and refusing
to partake in, yield or compromise to this racist debate, we reiterate our
struggle here against racism and its dominant structures that has been
used to subject us to untold suffering and deny us our human dignity. We
reaffirm our struggle for our freedom and call again on the German
government to show some humility by practising what it preaches. There can
be neither seriousness nor sincerity in "integration" debate when a
section of the society is purposely and deliberately isolated, constructed
as hate objects and eternally punished for no reason.

Given our principled stand, we, as a self-organized network remain
determined to fight for our rights and human dignity. We reject the covert
and overt machinations of this racist "integration" debate and we call for
a broad solidarity from all progressive groups and well meaning
individuals to refuse the insult and deception that is this debate. We
reject their lies. We refuse to be fooled!

The conference resolved to send a delegation to visit and show solidarity
with our comrades in Bayern. Others to express our solidarity will join
the caravan and The VOICE activists and we call on all well meaning
individuals and groups to do the same.

As the activists from Brandenburg reported, the initiative of Abolishing
Residenzpflicht in the area has been nothing more than a fake and
ludicrous compromise between some civil society organisations and their
Government. Although the law has been slightly altered, refugees are still
being punished for exercising our right to freedom of movement.

When the Refugee Initiative Brandenburg fight for free movement, it is in
solidarity with all refugees and it attacks the whole Apartheid system.
When the hunger strikers in Bayern reject food-packages and the horrible
isolation camps, the rest of us cannot be silent. We all remain in

The coordinators of the conference will be participating in the
development of a nationwide network of refugee community initiatives in
the refugee camps in Germany through the lager-committee. We shall
elaborate on and encourage the documentation of related cases on the
situations and the abuses of refugees. These will be evaluated and
presented for the preparation of the planned Caravan Tribunal.

We are unanimous in our conviction that there is no way other than having
well organised refugee communities and a strong solidarity among each
other. In 2011, the growing network will be taking the struggles at the
nationwide level to a higher niveau in order to hit back against the
racist system of the German state.

The Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants
The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena
Refugee Initiative Brandenburg/Berlin FIB
Refugee Initiative Möhlau/Sachsen-Anhalt
Refugee Initiative Biberach/Baden-Württemberg
Refugees Hunger-Strikers/Food Packet Boykott in Augsburg/Bayern
The VOICE Refugee Conference Racism and Discimination in Germany was
organised by activists of the Caravan network for the rights of refugees
and migrants from Wuppertal, Hamburg, Jena, Apoldaand Eisenach, Möhlau,
Biberach and Berlin

The Caravan-for the Rights of refugees and Migrants is a network of
individuals, groups and organizations of refugees, migrants and activists
based on anti-imperialism and antiracism

Lets make the refugee lager to be HISTORY of the past in Germany - The
VOICE Refugee Forum Conference in Jena
jw presse zu The VOICE Refugee Conference in Jena

The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena
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