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Soul Beat Extra: Community Radio
July 2011

For people using community radio for social change...


The Soul Beat (SB) Extra: Community Radio updates you on community radio
related programme experiences, evaluations, research, awards, trainings, and
resource materials recently placed on the Soul Beat Africa website.

SB Extra: Community Radio complements The Soul Beat newsletter through a
specific focus on Community Radio.

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1. Liberia Women Democracy Radio
Launched in August 2010, Liberia Women Democracy Radio (LWDR) is a community
radio station based in Monrovia, Liberia that focuses on raising the voices
of women and increasing women's access to information. Sponsored by the
United Nations Democracy Fund, facilitated by UN Women, and implemented by
the Liberia Women Media Action Committee and the Young Women's Christian
Association, the radio station seeks to highlight gender issues and to
provide practical training and exposure to female journalists...

2. Child-to-Child Health Clubs
Initiated by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Cameroon Link Programme, the
Child-to-Child Health Clubs project works to raise awareness about the
importance of proper sanitation and hygiene among schoolchildren, teachers,
and parents in the outlying areas of Lebialem, in the southwest region of
Cameroon. In addition to raising awareness around sanitation, the clubs work
to provide students with safe after-school activities, as well as leadership
skills, and an opportunity to engage in arts and creative media. The project
also includes a child-to-child radio programme on Lebialem Community Radio
that features child presenters and supports the objectives of the sanitation

3. Radio Biso na Biso ("Between Us")
Launched in March 2009, Radio Biso na Biso (BNB) is a community radio
station created to help bridge communication gaps between people living
throughout the forest area of Congolaise Industrielle des Bois (CIB) and the
company that manages it. The station, located in Congo-Brazzaville, is a
collaborative effort between The Forest Trust (TFT), CIB, and partners, with
additional financial support from the Foundation Chirac and World Bank
Development Marketplace. The station broadcasts to the forest region of
northern Congo, on 88FM, and works to raise awareness concerning the
conservation of resources and also inform people about their rights, health
issues, etc...

4. Rural Radio Debates
Initiated by Panos East Africa in July 2009, with support from the Deepening
Democracy Programme, Rural Radio Debates is a two-year project working to
support rural radio stations to engage with communities by providing them
with a platform to voice their views and engage with leaders on issues of
democracy and development. The project is working with 20 radio stations
across Uganda to build their capacity related to content development on
relevant local issues and to equip and facilitate radio stations to promote
debate on various development topics. Using radio facilitates both the
promotion of free media and active participation of citizenry, who can use
the debate to bring up governance issues and therefore hold leaders

5. Assessment: Local Media Landscape and Information Needs of Ivorian
Refugees in Eastern Liberia
By Cindy Collins and Bonnie Allen
This 28-page assessment report published by Internews looks at the
information needs of refugees arriving from Cote D'Ivoire along Liberia's
eastern border. The report makes several recommendations for how the
international aid community, along with local media organisations and
telecommunications companies, can better meet these needs. The assessment
found there are important information and communication gaps, and that
communication resources are vastly under-utilised, preventing refugees, host
communities, and humanitarian organisations from receiving the information
they need to make good and timely decisions...


Are you using community radio for social change in Africa? Send us your
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6. Interactive Radio for Justice: Impact Assessment Report
This 68-page report, published by Interactive Radio for Justice (IRFJ),
details the results of the second year of an assessment carried out in June
2009 to study the impact of the IRFJ project on audiences in the Democratic
Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Central African Republic (CAR), as well as
at the international level. This report outlines lessons learned,
recommendations made during the first year, the interactive process of
implementing recommendations, and an analysis of the results of that
implementation. According to the report, the IRFJ local project sites had a
demonstrated impact: targets for eight of 12 indicators were met and several
others were nearly reached...

7. Human Rights and Peace Building: A Media Toolkit for Journalists
Published by Panos Eastern Africa in January 2010, with support from the
Open Society Initiative for East Africa (OSIEA), this media toolkit is
designed to support and build the capacity of journalists to disseminate
information and promote debate on human rights and peace-building issues.
The toolkit explains that 98% of Uganda's population listens to radio as
their main source of news. With approximately 200 radio stations licensed at
the end of 2008, radio is a powerful tool to communicate, and to mobilise
community action. However, the authors say the radio industry in Uganda
still has a long way to go in building a critical mass of professional staff
who understand the media landscape...

8. The Effect of Participatory Radio Campaigns on Agricultural Improvement
Uptake: A Preliminary Case Study Assessment
This 43-page report, published by Farm Radio International in January 2010,
summarises the results of five case studies from the African Farm Radio
Research Initiative's (AFRRI) Participatory Radio Campaign (PRC). The
campaign involved working with five partner radio stations in each of five
African countries - Tanzania, Uganda, Mali, Ghana, and Malawi. The PRCs were
designed to help smallholder farmers understand, evaluate, and introduce
specific agricultural practices that can improve their family's food

9. Malaria Education: Tapping All Means of Outreach
By David Montez
This online report, published by AudienceScapes, details the results of a
2010 AudienceScapes survey in Tanzania to measure people's access to
information in general, and access to health information in particular, as
well as access to health services. The author states that the data yields
some guidelines for public health professionals seeking to educate the
public about malaria. The survey found that radio continues to be the main
source for news and entertainment for most of the population, with
television remaining a luxury for those outside major urban centres...

10. Because Accountability Counts: A Journalists' Guide for Covering
By James Hottor
Produced by as part of the Ghana Post-elections Intervention Project in
September 2010, this guide is designed to help empower journalists and other
stakeholders with information and knowledge to hold elected officers
accountable to their pre-election campaign promises. It was published by
PenPlusBytes, the International Institute for Information Communication
Technology (ICT) Journalism in Accra, Ghana, with the support of the Open
Society Initiative for West Africa. The guide provides an overview of the
post-elections landscape in Ghana, covering governance, legislative issues,
political parties and their manifestos, the ruling party and opposition,
governing after an election, and lessons to be learned from the 2007 Kenyan
elections experience...


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