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[creative-radio] West Bengal: Aachuley’ Lepcha indigenous peoples Community Radio


RT @creative_radio: KALIMPONG: Aachuley' Lepcha #indigenous peoples
Community Radio
Lepcha tribes of the Darjeeling District, West Bengal



99% of the indigenous Lepcha tribes live in remote villages where the
basic human facilities are non-existent.The literary rate of the Lepcha
tribes is the lowest among the various communities in this region. Without
proper education, they are living in the 19th Century today.
Marginalization of the original indigenous Lepcha tribes in West Bengal
has a telling effect on their socio- economic and political conditions. No
wonder anthropologists, linguists and scholars are repeatedly saying that
the original indiegenous Lepcha tribes are a vanishing tribal race.

Bollywood and western musical and cultural craze have not spare the Lepcha
community either. Beautiful and meaningful folksongs, folk music and
traditional cultural heritage seem unfashionable to many today. India is
known throughout the world for her varieties of ancient, rich and unique
languages, literature, culture, traditions, customs etc. People of the
world marvel at her. It is very important that the Lepcha tribes do not
falter in their thoughts and action and must endeavour to conserve their
very rich and ancient cultural heritage in Mayel Lyang.

Useful and important Government information is hard to come by in this
region, especially in the remote villages where the Lepcha tribes reside.
Take the example of 'Census of India 2011'. Most people in the remote
villages are not aware of the importance of Indian Census 2011 and how
each individual or the head of family at least could be immense help to
the Goverment of India in compiling the most important and correct census
in order to plan the future development works.

There are hundreds of problems for the Lepcha community in this region.
Each problem has its own solution. Through the community radio, we fimly
believe, it will not only help to communicate among the Lepcha tribes
better and solves problems, it certainly can help us to preserve,
conserve, maintain and develop the very rich, ancient and unique Lepcha
language, literature and cultural heritage for posterity. A Lepcha
Community Radio Station is a must for the original indigenous Lepcha
tribes in Kalimpong, the heartland of the Lepchas.

The long awaited cherished dream, hope and aspiration of the original
indigenous Lepcha tribes of the Darjeeling District, West Bengal of a
quality radio communications in their own language, is going to be
materialized and fulfilled soon. 'Panos Institute South Asia' is here to
help the Lepcha community of West Bengal to establish their own community
radio in Kalimpong.

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