Sunday, 2 November 2008

[creative-radio] IN MEMORIAM - Studs Terkel
a showcase & workshop for new public radio

Something Real.
Studs Terkel in conversation with Sydney Lewis 6/20/01
Audio and transcripts at

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Something Real - Listen here

"...Sydney Lewis
What would your ideal radio day be?

Studs Terkel
Well I like music, of course. Jazz. Good classical music.

But I think hearing the human voice. There's one spot in Morning In The
Streets, that BBC documentary written by Dennis Mitchell, who was my great
influence, where there's one sound - the human voice. He has people
talking; there's women in the laundromat and others, and they're talking
back and forth. There's the fat woman talking about the budgie bird. And
the one with the laundry on her head talking about different things. And
this little old tramp is going around, tramping his way. And the old boy,
the old working-class boy who want to be an intellectual, who listens to
the conversation and says, "Stately minds. We need stately minds."

Well I love the conversation. I used to hear it in the lobby of the Wells
Grand Hotel that my father ran for awhile, and then my mother did.

I'd want the human voice expressing grievances, or delight, or whatever it
might be.

But something real. ..."

Jay Allison
Atlantic Public Media
Woods Hole, Massachusetts

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