Sunday, 22 March 2009

Latest update on George Lessard's pending trip to Chelyabinsk, Russia...

My passport with it's Russian visa arrived from the agency that's sending me to Russia on Friday 20 March along with my expenses cheque for $545 (with and average weekly income of $50 US in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia) which should be more than enough to take care of my needs for my two weeks there.

I leave on Friday the 27th and return to Yellowknife on Easter Sunday. Too bad I'm not  in Russia for the Eastern Orthodox celebration of Easter... I would have liked to attend a mass there to see how they do it...

I fly from Yellowknife to Calgary via Jazz, Calgary to Frankfurt via Air Canada, Frankfurt to Moscow via Lufthansa and overnight in Moscow at the "Arbat" hotel
(Google search result <>
or at the Moscow DME Synixis Domodedovo Airhotel  (Russian only) (depending on which docuument is correct... I'll have to check on this)...

Then the next day I'm flying on an airline called S7 (?) (Some where I think I saw it called Siberian Airlines) for a two and a quater hour flight to Chelyabinsk... no word of where I'm staying in Chelyabinsk.. some times one get put up in a hotel... other times its in a home..  should be interesting...

I'm brining a laptop and a camera... but my new MAC BOOK PRO hard crashed (Apple says it needs a service centre and that it might be the ram.. nearest one is Edmonton... so it will not return before I leave.. so I'll bring my old MAC or my PC laptop.... I bought a point and shoo digital camera to bring but I'm rethinking that and will probably bring my full SLR kit...

I'll be trying to post ongoing updates to my Overseas Blog at
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and may try to post to my Facebook page at
(unless they're blocked or the connection is too slow)

That's all for now...

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