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1. 18th World Congress of Environmental Journalists held in Sri Lanka
From: Dharman Wickremaretne

2. Pacific news agency urged to move away from Fiji
From: George Lessard

3. Call to protect media freedom , journalists' rights
From: George Lessard

4. "Freedom of expression not a concession" ADDRESS by Sten Rylander, A
From: George Lessard

5. TIRUCHY India: 5 new community radio stations in Tamil Nadu
From: George Lessard

6. CHANDIGARH: India - Community radio a non-starter
From: George Lessard

7. Aid to community radio outlets in Bolivia
From: George Lessard

8. Brixton Prison, South London: Prison radio station is nominated for
From: George Lessard

9. Berkeley, California: Youth Radio: Frequency of the Future
From: George Lessard

1. 18th World Congress of Environmental Journalists held in Sri Lanka
Posted by: "Dharman Wickremaretne" afejchairman
Date: Sun May 10, 2009 8:30 am ((PDT))

Greetings from Asia-Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists (APFEJ) !

Some of you have already gotten the news about the 18th APFEJ World Congress of
Environmental Journalists,which will recognize the best climate change Media conference
from around the world this year before the Copenhagen Summit December 2009.
Delegate registrations for the world EJ Congress are now open.Make sure you receive
the early bird discount by booking before 10th July 2009.If you would like to join o
ur Congress sponsors and partners or wish to become a recourse Person,please click
here for more details on how to get involved

We encourage you to circulate this news to friends, colleagues on your various lists
and to publish in event listing or event diary of your web, newspaper, magazine in
any category -- Print/On-line and Broadcast media.Your Comments,
suggestions, questions, problems ... please let me know.

We shall be thankful for your support.

Dharman Wickremaratne
Director - Sri Lanka Environmental Journalists Forum &
Asia-Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists(APFEJ)
PO Box 26
434/3 Sri Jayawardenapura - Sri Lanka.
E-mail: ,
18th World Congress of Environmental Journalists held in Sri Lanka this fall

Sri Lanka will become the global buzz on environmental issues when the
18th APFEJ World Congress of Environmental Journalists ceremonially begins on
October 19- 22, 2009 over 100 delegates and other environmentally-concerned
officials and private individuals are expected to be flying in from nearly 50 countries
world over.Which will rivet round the theme of "Educate to end Climate Poverty".
The Congress which is supported by the Sri Lanka Government, United Nations
Environment Program and several development agencies, will deal with the role of
media concerning environment this century.

The Asia-Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists(APFEJ) is a network and
regional association founded in 1988,dedicated to promoting education understanding
and awareness of the environment through the honest and accurate reporting of local,
regional and international environmental and development issues.It acts as the head of
national environmental journalist forums or media organizations of 42 countries in the
Asia-Pacific region.The APFEJ ad hoc committee was formed in 1985 at a regional conference
on media and environment in Delhi organized by UN-ESCAP in collaboration with the
UNEP.Today APFEJ is the oldest and largest organization of professional environmental journalists,
contacts over 12,000 members in nearly 150 countries around the world.The mission of
APFEJ to build into a strong, independent and committed to promote excellence in
environmental journalism worldwide by supporting environmental journalists
specially Asia pacific through Professionalism, Freedom of expression, Social responsibility,
environmental justice, Networking and training.

The 18th World Conference of Environmental Journalists in will bring established and
aspiring reporters, writers and environmental communicators from around the world to debate,
network, develop their professional skills and report on the latest advances in environment and
climate change.Environmental journalists have a vital role to play in informing millions of people
around the world about the latest advances and controversies in environmental and Climate Change.
Organizers welcome journalists, editors and environmental communicators,,NGO activists,
Government and UN officials and media professionals such as educationist, film makers, authors and
scientists in education and research across the globe from both developed and emerging countries to
enjoy exciting programme of events, share experiences, develop new contacts and report great stories.

18th APFEJ World Congress of Environmental Journalists will bring together environmental
policy makers and activists from every point of view for more than four days of face-to-face meetings
with the world's most experienced and energetic environmental journalists. At past Colombo conferences,
reporters have traded tips and techniques,listened to informative panels and interviewed
news sources as prominent as the Sri Lanka current president
HE Mahinda Rajapaksha and the Heads of of the UNEP/ROAP, UN-ESCAP, ADB, US-AEP,
UNDP, FAO, UNCCD, Commonwealth Foundation, GEF, UNESCO, UN- HABITAT, IPCC,
IUCN,WWF, Green Peace, World Recourse Institute, IWMI, IRRI, FOE, IRC,
International Water and Sanitation Centre, World Water Forum, TVEap, Planet 21, I
CFJ, Media Wise Trust, UN University, APO-Japan,US society of Environmental journalists,
Conservation International, Sasakawa pacific islands nations fund, South Pacific Regional
Environmental Programme and Institute of strategic and International studies etc,

"Some of the sessions will look at the possible outcomes of the UN summit on
Climate Change(COP 15) in Copenhagen, Denmark in December 2009 in Consultation and
cooperation with other partners" revealed Dharman Wickremaratne - Director,
Sri Lanka Environmental Journalists Forum (SLEJF) which co-organizes the Congress,
together with Asia-Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists (APFEJ)
and the Commonwealth Environmental Journalists Association (CEJA)."This congress is very
important for pacific region because it will focus on topics that will help environmental journalists
understand small islands issues better" said APFEJ Pacific Director Nina Ratulele, Fiji.

Any one who plan to attend the event should submit a maximum 500-word abstract in English.
The theme for the abstract should deal with Country Report Summaries on Media Coverage of
environmental issues and climate change or Case study of community-level Education for
Sustainable Development(ESD) activities related to climate change, highlighting the role of
local knowledge,practices and coping strategies.undertaken by government organizations,
non-governmental organizations and the private sector in developing countries, particularly
Asia-Pacific and the Commonwealth. Papers from journalists, media NGOs and
academia are encouraged.The deadline for abstract submissions is June 30.

SLEJF is an independent, public interest media organization established in 1987,
with support from the Sri Lanka Government,UN-ESCAP,UNEP and Media related bodies.
SLEJF's mandate is to training,communicate and promote sustainable human development
with equity, participation and democracy.It is the only organization in Sri Lanka to have
won the coveted UNEP Global 500 Award.SLEJF holds membership in 17 international media
and environmental organizations. It also holds membership in 27 state/community/
UN environmental and media committees.At the same time, the SLEJF functions
as the coordinator in Sri Lanka of seven active networks of international environmental &
media organizations.If you would like to join Colombo Congress as a Delegate,
sponsors and partners or wish to become a recourse Person, please click here for more details of how to
get involved or contact ,

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2. Pacific news agency urged to move away from Fiji
Posted by: "George Lessard" themediamentor
Date: Sun May 10, 2009 12:08 pm ((PDT))

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: [Pacific_media_watch] 6214 REGION: Pacific news agency urged to move
From: "Pacific Media Watch nius" <>
Date: Sun, May 10, 2009 05:51
To: "Pacific Media Watch" <>

Title – 6214 REGION: Pacific news agency urged to move
Date – 11 May 2009
Byline – None
Origin – Pacific Media Watch
Source – Australian Network News, 8/05/09
Copyright – ANN
Status – Unabridged
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By Campbell Cooney, Pacific correspondent

PORT MORESBY (Australian Network News /Pacific Media Watch):
Pacific-based media executives are calling on the Pacific Island News
Association to relocate its Pacnews wire service away from Fiji, to
allow it to stop self-censoring its coverage of what is happening in
the country.

Fiji's interim regime says because the newswire service Pacnews is
based in Suva it must abide by the censorship being enforced on all
local media.

In response, Pacnews has refused to include any stories on Fiji.

Pacnews is owned by the Pacific Islands News Association, and PINA has
indicated it does not want it to move.

But at a media freedom forum in Samoa, news executives and academics
from around the region have called on it to relocate.

The development editor of the Samoa Observer, Russell Hunter, is one of

"I cannot see why, or how, it can remain in Fiji," he said.

The future of Pacnews, including its possible relocation, is to be
discussed when PINA meets in July, in Vanuatu.

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Pacific_media_watch mailing list

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3. Call to protect media freedom , journalists' rights
Posted by: "George Lessard" themediamentor
Date: Sun May 10, 2009 12:09 pm ((PDT))

Sunday May 10, 2009

Call to protect media freedom, journalists' rights

Addressing a panel discussion to mark World Press Freedom Day this
week, journalists called for measures to protect media freedom and the
rights of journalists.

The panel discussion themed, "Current challenges facing the media"
organized by the Sri Lanka Press Institute (SLPI) and local media
organizations was held at SLPI headquarters at Narahenpita. Sri Lanka
Working Journalists' Association General Secretary Poddala Jayantha
said that journalists in the country appeared to be under anesthesia
due to intimidation from various quarters.

Participants at the panel discussion.
He said that a situation has developed that only statements by the
Government or the version of the Government gets reported giving the
impression to the public that there were no problems. Mr. Jayantha
called for a change in this situation saying that otherwise it would
have adverse effects on the country.
Free Media Movement Secretary Sunil Jayasekara, said that usually
newspapers serve as documents that records the events which could be
useful for historians, but persons in future who research the
newspapers published today will have a distorted picture of the events
which have taken place in this era.

Peradeniya University's senior lecturer Charitha Herath said that the
media takes into consideration the problems faced by the journalists
as a separate problem and not in the general context.

Editors' Guild representative Tillekeratne Kuruvita Bandara said that
persons should be able to tolerate criticism and one of the reason for
the suppression is that people are not able to tolerate criticism.

The cover page of 'The Colombo Declaration' that was launched.
Virakesari (Daily) Chief Editor R Prabaghan said that if the
journalists took care to report in a balanced manner many of the
issues in the world could be resolved and even in Sri Lanka if
journalists collectively reported on the ethnic problem which lasted
for more than three decades in the country, it could have been

Copies of the revised Colombo Declaration on Media Freedom and Social
Responsibility and a publication containing the speeches made at an
international symposium last October were also distributed that day.

The Colombo Declaration of 1998 was adopted by the Newspaper Society
of Sri Lanka, The Editors' Guild of Sri Lanka and the Free Media
Movement in 1998 following a four-day conference in Colombo.
Subsequently, The Sri Lanka Working Journalists Association also
adopted the Colombo Declaration of 1998. The Sri Lanka Press Institute
(SLPI), the Sri Lanka College of Journalism (SLCJ) and the Press
Complaints Commission of Sri Lanka (PCCSL) were established as a
direct outcome of the Colombo Declaration of 1998. The four
constituent partners of these institutions are the signatories of the
Colombo Declaration.

The revised Colombo Declaration was signed by the above mentioned four
media organizations on December 31, 2008 at the Sri Lanka Press
Institute. The panel discussion was followed by a question and answer


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4. "Freedom of expression not a concession" ADDRESS by Sten Rylander, A
Posted by: "George Lessard" themediamentor
Date: Sun May 10, 2009 5:26 pm ((PDT))

Freedom of expression not a concession

May 9, 2009

ADDRESS by Sten Rylander, Ambassador of Sweden to Zimbabwe, on the World
Press Freedom Day Commemorations

May 2, 2009, Bulawayo


"...Globally, new technologies and new ways of distributing content - all
part of the "new media" - have made information far more accessible and
diverse. Mainstream media reporting, for example, is being supplemented by
"participatory media", such as blogs. It is important for Zimbabwe to also
benefit from these new global trends. But this can prove to be a challenge
if the legal framework for the media is still repressive.

We call upon the government to put media reform on top of its agenda and
to ensure that Zimbabwe moves along with the international trends in
information technology. In this context I continue to note with serious
concern that there is almost a total lack of licensed community-based
radios in Zimbabwe. As Sweden we support the establishment of community
radios and we congratulate Bulawayo for hosting the country's biggest
community radio, Radio Dialogue. The absence of community-based radios
hinders development and poverty reduction efforts and we take this day to
call for the opening of the waves and the granting of operating licences
to community radio stations.

My government strongly supports the freedom of expression and the media in
general worldwide. In Zimbabwe Sweden has provided generous support to
MISA and to the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe, which we envisage
will ensure self regulation within the media sector. We also support
various other media initiatives, as well as training of media
practitioners. We align ourselves with all on-going efforts by the
international community to support the growth and development of a free
and professional media in Zimbabwe...."


Information & Media Specialist
6402135 Canada Inc.

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5. TIRUCHY India: 5 new community radio stations in Tamil Nadu
Posted by: "George Lessard" themediamentor
Date: Sun May 10, 2009 6:34 pm ((PDT))

5 new community radio stations in Tamil Nadu


Express News Service
First Published : 08 May 2009 03:20:00 AM IST
Last Updated : 08 May 2009 11:23:03 AM IST

TIRUCHY: Five more community radio centres would be set up in Tamil Nadu
soon, said R Sridhar, director of Commonwealth Education Media Centre for
(CEMCA) here on Thursday.

Sridhar told reporters that 18 out of the 44 community radio centres
across the nation were funded by the Department of Science and
Te­chnology. Among the stations, 14 undertook science programmes for women
and four broadcast programmes of 'save earth' concepts, he said. There are
six such stations in TN, including two stations in Chennai
and Coimbatore, one in Tiruchy and Puducherry.

The Rural People Development Association would establish new stations in
and another one would be established at Nagapattinam. Permission was
granted to set up stations Namakkal, Tiruchencode and Kumarapalayam. More
than 20 applications have been received from educational institutes and

Indira Gandhi Open University has started a six-month certificate course
on the operations of community radio stations and Holy Cross College has
been identified as the study centre. Training would be given on the
organisation of the community radios, announcing and other radio-related
activities, he added.

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6. CHANDIGARH: India - Community radio a non-starter
Posted by: "George Lessard" themediamentor
Date: Sun May 10, 2009 6:40 pm ((PDT))

Community radio a non-starter
Times of India - India

After that only the community radio would be set up. An SSA official said a
special budget could not be granted for this purpose. ...


8 May 2009, 0351 hrs IST, Aditya Dev, TNN

CHANDIGARH: Initiated with much fanfare by the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
(SSA), a radio community project faces an uncertain future in absence of
any budget to talk of. Sources revealed there was no sanction for it in
the SSA in the first place.

Sources said, the Union ministry of information and broadcasting had given
its go-ahead to the project in February 2009. As things stand now, in all
probability, the project is not going to see the light of the day this

According to DPI (S) Samwartak Singh, the department would write to the
Union ministry of human resources and development (MHRD) for sanction of
budget. After that only the community radio would be set up.

An SSA official said a special budget could not be granted for this
purpose. Even if the sanction is given, it would be for the whole country
and not just for Chandigarh, he said. The official clarified that funds
were granted under fixed heads to all 35 states and UTs and installation
of community radio did not fall in any of them.

He added that this year's budget for Chandigarh had already been
sanctioned on April 11 and there were no chances of any further sanction
this year.

The idea of having community radio had started taking shape almost a year
and a half back under aegis of SSA and it was to be set up at State
Institute of Education, Sector-32.

Notably, the project has faced many troubles in the past too. Earlier,
there was probability of the proposed venue for the radio station to be
shifted from State Institute of Education (SIE), Sector 32, to some other
place owing to its proximity to the local airport.

Responding to an application from the SSA, in July 2008, ministry of
information and broadcasting had sent out a letter of intent (LoI) for
setting up the radio station at the SIE.

The letter had directed the SSA to apply in the prescribed format laid
down by WPC (wireless planning and commission) along with requisite fees
for allotment of frequency and SACFA (standing advisory committee on radio
frequency allocation) clearance to WPC wing of ministry of communication
and intimate I&B Ministry accordingly.

Subsequently, the SSA sent an online application to WPC for frequency
allotment and SACFA clearance, which was then approved.

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7. Aid to community radio outlets in Bolivia
Posted by: "George Lessard" themediamentor
Date: Sun May 10, 2009 6:54 pm ((PDT))

5.07.2009 - 08:39am ET

Our Voices - Media Impact leverages capacity in Latin America to aid
community radio outlets in Bolivia

(CSRwire) LAZ PAZ, BOLIVIA. - May 7, 2009 - PCI Media Impact, a
non-profit organization specializing in the use of Entertainment
Education methodology to promote social change, launched its new
community media program, Our Voices. This three year program will help to
rebuild the capacity of community radio in rural Bolivia and, in the
process, reestablish vital bonds needed for civic participation and
democratic institutions. The program strives to build the professionalism
of Bolivian radio stations to produce and broadcast high-quality
independent programming in native languages, strengthen networking among
community radio stations and civil society organizations, increase access
among indigenous Bolivian citizens to independent media, and build
support for media freedom and civic participation.

Our Voices is bringing together community radio, governmental officials
and Bolivia's media leaders to collaborate on a 45-episode radio soap
opera series that will reach an estimated audience of over 9 million
listeners. Using Media Impact's behavioral change communication approach,
these radio dramas incorporate the culturally ingrained power of
storytelling with relevant information affecting Bolivia today. A local
Bolivian stated, "I believe Radio is the only media in Bolivia that still
has credibility. It is of special importance to listeners because people
trust the radio to give them accurate, up-to-date information, and allows
the possibility of reaching a big audience, especially in rural areas
where there is not access to internet, and where local newspapers can not
be found". The shows will be broadcast in three languages, Spanish,
Quechua, and Aymara, at 72 community radio stations throughout the
country, and will resuscitate a vital resource for improving democracy,
civic participation and human rights.

Media Impact, in partnership with the Catholic University of Bolivia, will
be hosting three regional trainings in communication for social change
methodology throughout the month of May; One, four day seminar, in La Paz,
Santa Cruz, and Cochabamba. These trainings will educate 60 local stations
in the field of entertainment education methodology, enhanced broadcasting
techniques, and the foundation of well developed community content. Upon
completion, 36 selected broadcasting stations will receive funding as well
as on-going training throughout the 3-year project. Upon completion of the
Our Voices community radio program, these stations will have the expertise
needed to sustain high-content radio broadcastings supplying indigenous
Bolivian's with imperative knowledge to improve human rights and

"During the past 5 years, PCI Media Impact has invested time growing our
capacity in Latin America with just such an aim to launch an ambitious and
large scale program like Our Voices. The program's trainings, ongoing
technical assistance, production aid and funding, we believe, will produce
a final outcome of a sustainable and robust community of media outlets
servicing the development needs of indigenous communities throughout
Bolivia," said Michael Castlen, PCI Media Impact's Executive Director.

About PCI-Media Impact:
Since 1985, PCI-Media Impact's programs have addressed the root causes of
poverty and have encouraged people to make choices that lead to better
health and sustainable development. Working with local partners worldwide,
PCI-Media Impact produces carefully researched and culturally sensitive
radio and television dramas that combine the power of storytelling with
the reach of broadcast media. For more information, please visit PCI-Media
Impact's website at

For more information please contact:

Michael A. Castlen, Executive Director
PCI-Media Impact
212-687-3366 ext 225

Danforth L. Preston, Development Director
PCI-Media Impact
212-687-3366 ext 234

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8. Brixton Prison, South London: Prison radio station is nominated for
Posted by: "George Lessard" themediamentor
Date: Mon May 11, 2009 7:03 am ((PDT))

Prison radio station is nominated for four national awards


It is the radio station that none of us would want to hear. But its frank
discussions about self-harm or receiving a life sentence are rated so
highly that a prison radio station has been nominated for four national

Electric Radio, based in Brixton Prison, South London, broadcasts to 800
inmates, airing programmes made on the inside. Tonight, however, it will
compete with Chris Moyles and John Humphrys at the Sony Radio Awards.

Among the categories for which it has been nominated are the Listener
Participation Award, for a discussion programme where prisoners relay
their problems, and the Interview Award, for a piece with Jonathan Aitken,
the former Conservative minister and prisoner.

The critical acclaim afforded to the station, which started two years ago,
bodes well for plans to roll out a national prison station, dubbed Con
Air, which will be based at Brixton.

Although prison radio has been around since the mid-1990s in Britain, when
Feltham Young Offenders Institute started a station, there is now one in
every seven prisons.

The aim is to provide communication at a place where conditions are poor,
and where prisoners, who are on remand awaiting trial on allegations
ranging from credit card fraud to murder, arrive with a typical reading
age of about 11.

Nominated in the speech category at tonight's awards is Prisoner's Voices,
a discussion programme in which inmates interview each other — and where
Mark (not his real name), who has "a lot of hate and dislove for myself",
talks about cutting his wrists and says that his arms "to be honest, look
a mess".

A prisoner harms himself every other day at HMP Brixton, and while most
incidents are trivial, seven inmates killed themselves between 2006 and
2008, at a jail that the chief inspector described as one that
"exemplifies all the problems of our overcrowded prison system".

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9. Berkeley, California: Youth Radio: Frequency of the Future
Posted by: "George Lessard" themediamentor
Date: Mon May 11, 2009 7:08 am ((PDT))

Youth Radio: Frequency of the Future

By Shelley Schlender - Berkeley, California -06 May 2009

Every week, 20 high school students in Oakland, California, put together a
radio show that builds friendships and communication skills. It all starts
with the beginner class, at the nationally acclaimed Youth Radio Project.

The students in the after-school class each put in eight hours, every
week, for 12 weeks. They learn the basics of radio production, plus
multimedia skills, such as how to create a computerized hip hop beat, edit
video and publish on the Internet. Then, each Friday, they produce a radio

full article

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