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1. Climate Change Programmes for Community Radio
From: Salvatore Scifo

2. WRTH A09 Schedule file available for download
From: Sean Gilbert, International Editor - WRTH

3. Gender Policy for Community Radio
From: George Lessard

4. ZIMBABWE: Laws used to "criminalise journalism", minister
From: George Lessard

5. Environmental Journalism Scholarships to attend 18th APFEJ World Co
From: Dharman Wickremaretne

6. Vacancy - Station Manager, Kumaon Vani Community Radio, Uttarakhand
From: sajan venniyoor

7. Cfp: Research stream 2009 CBAA conference
From: Salvatore Scifo

1. Climate Change Programmes for Community Radio
Posted by: "Salvatore Scifo" salvatorescifo
Date: Tue May 12, 2009 1:08 pm ((PDT))

Dear All,

attached below a message from Chris Weaver, Production Manager at
London's Resonance104.4FM, which might interest stations on the list.

Best Wishes,


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [cma-l] Climate Change Programmes for Community Radio
Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 14:40:03 +0100
From: Chris Weaver <>

Climate Radio is back!

For three months from May to July, Climate Radio will follow the story
of the emerging global deal on climate change. Although the deal will
be finalised at the United Nations talks in Copenhagen in December,
many of the critical decisions are being made right now. While the
scientists throw up their hands in a show of resignation and activists
prepare to take their message to the streets, most of the nation lies
sleeping. Don't let your listeners sleep through it!

The Copenhagen talks are the most important talks ever convened by
mankind and this story is no less than than the story of whether
mankind manages to get its act together to save itself.

"The 300-350 Show" is made for Resonance104.4FM in London and is
syndicated free to not-for-profit community radio stations and
independent media outlets around the globe.

Each programme is half an hour long. The series started on 7 May with
a stop-gap programme (featuring George Monbiot, Caroline Lucas, et al
recorded at the launch of the "Climate Safety" report last Autumn) and
the series proper starts this Thursday 14 May.

Please contact producer, Phil England, directly if you would like to
broadcast these programmes: 020 8376 2460;

To hear examples of Climate Radio's previous programmes visit the
archive at:
Climate Radio gratefully acknowledges the support of Artists Project Earth

What people are saying about Climate Radio:

A very thorough set of programmes featuring interviews with some of
the best-informed and authoritative voices on climate change. George
Marshall, Founder and Director of Projects, Climate Outreach and
Information (COIN)

I've been a fan for ages. Leo Murray, Media Producer and Lead Animator
on the "Age of Stupid", press officer and activist for Plane Stupid
Climate Radio adds significant value to our online presence and new
programmes form a key feature of our weekly email bulletin which is
distributed to 22,000 international subscribers every week. Richard
Coles, Publishing Director, The Ecologist

I wish you continued good luck with the show. All good wishes. George
Monbiot, award-winning journalist and author

Yippee! I'm soooo glad you are back on the waves and will gladly
forward your mails! My ears are yours. Marliese Franklin, Food Show
Host and Producer, KBOO community radio, Portland Oregon

Welcome back Phil! The return of climate radio may be just in time. I
know I'll be listening - and it will be hard to resist the urge to
pilfer quotes from time to time for my own Radio Ecoshock Show. Alex
Smith, host, Radio Ecoshock, Vancouver, Canada

Nice one Phil! Happy to help in anyway I can as always! Ed Gillespie,
Creative Director and Co-Founder, Futerra Sustainability

Thanks, Phil. Congrats on a really good series - All FM has been happy
to include them in its schedule David Armes, All FM, Manchester

Thanks for passing this information on. I shall look forward to
listening to your show. Matt Prescott, journalist, BBC News; and
founder of Energy Saving Day

Keep up the good work! Chris, Indymedia UK

This is great. James Marriott, Director, Platform

I can download 'em and run them on KWMD Kasilof 90.7, Anchorage 104.5
as a Monday noonish special series. Jeremy Lansman, KWMD

Just received your CD of climate programmes and wanted to say a big
thank you. They will work into our schedule very well and we will
begin broadcasting them shortly. They are a great resource and we will
always be happy to be kept informed about anything similar in the
future. Thanks again. Duncan Moore, Diversity FM, Lancaster

We are pushing it out on Felixstowe Radio. Trevor, Felixstowe Radio, Suffolk

We have started broadcasting The Low Carbon Show on a Saturday morning
- in fact it started this week. Thanks. Neil Ogden, Programme
Controller, Hospital Radio Basingstoke, Basingstoke and North
Hampshire Hospital

I was delighted to find Climate Radio online. Your interview is
terrific, and offers some provocative ideas for KPFK listeners. Thanks
for making your work available, and for posting it to
Keep up the great work. Bronwyn Mauldin, Indymedia On Air, KPFK, 90.7
FM Los Angeles, 98.7 FM Santa Barbara, California

We have broadcast every programme you have produced for us many of
them twice. We intend to repeat the whole series again and change to
another day at the end of the series. When we go live on FM we also
intend to repeat them all continuously again. Our feedback has been
positive as we focus on this subject on our website and our website
hits have increased by 50% since the series began. An excellent series
on a subject matter which more people are becoming more conscious
about and we thank you for your good work! Good luck with the rest of
the series and best wishes. Robert Wildeman, Drystone Radio, North

We are launching an arts-based radio station here at Dartington
College of Arts in S. Devon and would be very interested in airing
your weekly show. The Schumacher College is based within our area and
there would be a great deal of interest in your programmes. Nell
Harrison, Project Manager, SounDArt FM, Dartington, South Devon

Your show sounds very interesting. I have attached an instruction
sheet for you on how to upload into AudioPort. Thank you for reaching
out to contact us. Ursula Ruedenberg, Pacifica Affiliates Coordinator,
Berkley, CA

Chris Weaver
Production Manager
+44 (0)207 407 1210

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2. WRTH A09 Schedule file available for download
Posted by: "Sean Gilbert, International Editor - WRTH" g4ucj
Date: Tue May 12, 2009 1:10 pm ((PDT))

WRTH is pleased to announce that the 'A' season schedules file is available
for download from the WRTH website at: and follow the

The file contains schedules for over 230 international and
clandestine/target broadcasters. The schedules file is in PDF format (you
will require the free Acrobat reader (v6 or above) available from http://www to read the file.

The file is 102 pages long and is 355kb in size.

We hope you find this a useful accompaniment to the printed WRTH.


WRTH editorial Team

WRTH Website:
Email: (International Editor)

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3. Gender Policy for Community Radio
Posted by: "George Lessard" themediamentor
Date: Tue May 12, 2009 10:10 pm ((PDT))

Radio Capacity Building
Gender Policy for Community Radio


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Gender Policy explains what gender equality means in community radio
and how it can be achieved. It serves as a tool to implement gender
equality in community radio stations. It demonstrates the necessary
measures which can enable and encourage women's equal participation in all
fields and levels of the radio station.

The Gender Policy has been translated into 18 other languages .

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4. ZIMBABWE: Laws used to "criminalise journalism", minister
Posted by: "George Lessard" themediamentor
Date: Tue May 12, 2009 10:15 pm ((PDT))

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: ZIMBABWE: Laws used to "criminalise journalism", minister
From: "IRIN" <>
Date: Tue, May 12, 2009 13:32


ZIMBABWE: Laws used to "criminalise journalism", minister

HARARE, 12 May 2009 (IRIN) - A senior Zimbabwean government official has
admitted that laws passed by the previous administration were still being
used to "criminalise journalism" and needed to be changed, after two
journalists more were arrested earlier this week.

"The developments are really unfortunate, in the sense that we still have
clauses in our statutes which are used to arrest journalists and
criminalise journalism, and hence infringe on media freedom and freedom
of expression," Jameson Timba, the deputy minister of media, information
and publicity, told IRIN. Timba is from the main faction of the Movement
for Democratic Change (MDC) the former opposition party.

Vincent Kahiya, editor of the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper, and
Constantine Chimakure, the newspaper's news editor, were arrested on 11
May for publishing an article that fingered intelligence and police
officers allegedly involved in the abduction of journalist and human
rights activist, Jestina Mukoko, and members of the MDC in late 2008.

Kahiya and Chimakure were released on bail on 12 May, but a police
spokesperson was quoted in the media as saying that the journalists had
sought to "undermine public confidence in law enforcement and security

Dumisani Muleya, a senior political reporter, told IRIN: "Journalists
continue to be harassed and to work in a repressive environment, which
means nothing has really changed since the inclusive government was
formed almost 100 days ago."

Timba underlined the need to review existing media laws, which had been
the objective of a conference held on 9 May. However, the gathering was
boycotted by media unions after Mukoko and freelance journalist Andrison
Manyere were arrested for the second time last week. Mukoko has since
been released.

Under the Global Political Agreement signed by Zimbabwe's three main
political parties in September 2008, which underpins the unity
government, the government committed itself to immediately start
processing applications for the registration of media houses, but not
much has happened so far.

Two other journalists, the editor of the government-controlled The Sunday
News, Brezhnev Malaba, and journalist Nduduzo Tshuma, are also expected
to appear in court soon to face criminal defamation charges, after naming
senior police officers allegedly involved in a grain distribution scandal
in a report published in 2008.

The media reform conference, which recommended that the draconian media
laws be repealed, and that parliament control the public media, was
overshadowed by the arrest of the journalists.

The Zimbabwe Union of Journalists commented: "The irony is that the
manhunt for journalists at The Zimbabwe Independent was launched on the
day" that the conference on media law reform got underway.


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© IRIN. All rights reserved. More humanitarian news and analysis:

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service of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. The
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or its Member States. Reposting or reproduction, with attribution, for
non-commercial purposes is permitted. Terms and conditions:

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5. Environmental Journalism Scholarships to attend 18th APFEJ World Co
Posted by: "Dharman Wickremaretne" afejchairman
Date: Wed May 13, 2009 5:39 am ((PDT))

Hello friends in Asia - pacific and Commonwealth,
I have pasted below some information about a Scholarships programme for
journalists in Asia pacific and Commonwealth countries.
please pass along to interested parties/persons.........
Please note application Deadline is Tuesday - May 19, 2009

Sri Lanka Environmental Journalists Forum(SLEJF) together with Asia-Pacific Forum of
Environmental Journalists (APFEJ) will be providing environmental Journalists / heads of
National Environmental journalists forums and Environmental media organizations Scholarships for
journalists that will include the opportunity of sharing networking experiences and practices,
report, learn from each other, collaborative inter-country / regional approaches, understanding of
important environment issues on the 18th APFEJ World Congress of Environmental Journalists in
Colombo - Sri Lanka. in October 19 -22,2009. This years APFEJ World Congress of Environmental
Journalists theme is Educate to end climate poverty.

If you are a working Environmental journalist or Environmental journalism leader from
Asia - Pacific or Commonwealth country, in the electronic, print, radio or television media and
have experience in reporting on development or environmental issues and / or EJ networking
you may be interested in applying for this opportunity.

The Sri Lanka Environmental Journalists Forum(SLEJF) regularly provides Scholarships for
Environmental journalists and brought nearly 40 journalists to the 1998 and 2002 Colombo International
Congresses.The journalists also attended a number of congress events such as the many panel experts
discussed topics as Climate Change, Education for sustainable Development issues etc..,

SLEJF hope to accommodate a Maximum 02 participants from selected
Asia - Pacific and the Commonwealth countries..SLEJF provide accommodate a direct economy class,
round trip airfare to and from Colombo - Sri Lanka as well as Congress-related ground transportation,
lodging, and meals for participating journalists.Participants are responsible for
all applicable visa fees and any additional visa-related expenses and
in country expenses such as transportation etc,

Journalists / Media organizations are also asked to support their exco/ employees'
participation by cost-sharing whenever possible.While financial assistance from the
employer is not required, employers are encouraged to provide support to their
environmental Journalism as a demonstration of their commitment to the
Asia-Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists(APFEJ).


Applicants must submit the following details before MAY 19,2009.
01. Name of the Journalist :
02. Gender and Nationality
03. Date of Birth :
04. Official Title/Current Position :
05. Email and Mailing Address :
06. Personal or/ and Official web Address :
07. Attached media Organization :
08. High Lights of his contributions to the environment Journalism profession(Maximum 100 words) :
09. Reason for Participation (Maximum 50 words):
10. . Actual cost of Air ticket/ Your home country to Colombo to return: US$

Samples of your work are not required. If you wish to include samples, please do so via web links to articles.

*We will be informing applicants of the outcome of their first step by July 19,2009.

Selected all the final applicants must inform their congress paper / Presentation
and other information before August 19,2009.

Applications may be sent by e-mail to following ,

We hope that one of your /your nominee will be attend this informative event and
your response should be reach us before MAY 19,2009.

For more information about the 18th World Congress of Environmental Journalists,
please see the following:

Best wishes,

Dharman Wickremaratne
Director - Sri Lanka Environmental Journalists Forum &
Asia-Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists(APFEJ)
PO Box 26
434/3 Sri Jayawardenapura
Sri Lanka.
E-mail: ,

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6. Vacancy - Station Manager, Kumaon Vani Community Radio, Uttarakhand
Posted by: "sajan venniyoor" sajanvenniyoor
Date: Wed May 13, 2009 6:08 am ((PDT))

There's an opening for a Station Manager at TERI's soon-to-be-launched
'Kumaon Vani' community radio station in Supi (Muktheshwar, Uttarakhand).
Lovely place.

The job profile is attached. In case someone you know would like to apply for the job, please contact Zainab Yusufzai at TERI -

warm regards,

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Zainab Yusufzai <>
Date: Wed, May 13, 2009 at 1:50 PM
Subject: Introducing Kumaon Vani

I am writing today to the group to post a vacancy for a Radio
Station Manager for Kumaon Vani. The brief job profile of the proposed post is attached in my mail.

I would request you to kindly suggest and respond if interested. You can also contact me on 9899360221.

I do look forward to hearing from you soon,

Zainab Yusufzai
(See file: Job Profile_ Manager Radio Station.doc reproduced below)
Media Executive

[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

Designation: Radio Station Manager, Kumaon Vani
Stationed at: Supi Farm, Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand
Reports to: TERI, New Delhi Office
Contract: 1-2 years

Job Profile:
Radio Manager will manage the following:
1.Manage and oversee the station activities (Installation, Launch and Operations)
2.Supervise functioning in terms of content and administrative dealings
3.Schedule, Monitor and Preview the programs as per government rules before broadcast
4.In-charge of the equipment and resources installed at the radio station
5.Develop marketing strategies for sustaining the station
6.Train the volunteers on basics of editing and radio reporting
7.Promote and advertise the radio station
8.Provide interim progress report to TERI, New Delhi

3-5 years experience in radio programming / production
Good at editing on Open source radio software
Good understanding of radio reporting and management of radio studio
Good marketing skills

Expected Remuneration: As per TERI norms

If interested please contact:

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7. Cfp: Research stream 2009 CBAA conference
Posted by: "Salvatore Scifo" salvatorescifo
Date: Wed May 13, 2009 7:41 am ((PDT))

---Apologies for cross-posting---

Call for Papers

Research Stream
Community Broadcasting Association of Australia National Conference
Brisbane Hilton, 19-22 November 2009

Community Innovators
Some of the most important innovations in electronic media have emanated from the community broadcasting sector. In Australia these include major technological gains in the efficient use of radiofrequency spectrum (for example the opening up of the FM band, and the development of sub-carrier and low-power broadcasting systems and applications). They have also included new ways of producing media derived from increased opportunities for access media and communication resources, and a narrowing of the gap between media producer and consumer. But community broadcasting's major contribution to innovation has been in supporting the diversification of ideas and practices of community. In all of these respects the Australian community broadcasting movement has historically anticipated many aspects of new media culture. As the community broadcasting sector now transitions from analogue to digital transmission platforms the research stream of the 2009 national conference of Community Broadcasting Association of Australia provides a forum for considering how community broadcasting continues to work as a site of innovation. What is happening to the community broadcasting resource? How is it continuing to be used to support community innovators and innovate community?

Papers are invited on (but not limited to) the following themes:

* Going digital
* Packaging for multiplatform environments
* Community broadcasting as social media
* Using open source systems, applications and strategies for organizational adaptation
* Managing copyright and using Creative Commons
* Collaborative and co-creative production
* Knowledge transfer, training and production practices
* International developments in community broadcasting and 'new' media.
Contributions from a range of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives in the humanities, social sciences, applied arts and sciences are welcome. Abstracts for proposed papers, up to 200 words in length, should reach the Research Stream Coordinator by Monday 13 July 2009: Christina Spurgeon -<>

Full papers will be considered for publication in 3CMedia: Journal of Community, Citizen's and Third Sector Media and Communication (see

For information about the CBAA National Conference (including registration details) please visit the conference pages on the CBAA website:

About the CBAA and the research stream of the CBAA conference
The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) is the national body for community radio and television stations. CBAA members include both fully licensed stations and groups aspiring to hold a permanent licence. At present the CBAA has over 270 member stations who are actively broadcasting nationwide. CBAA members strive to strengthen local communities by providing independent broadcasting services. Affiliate members include organizations and individuals who support the development of community broadcasting. The purpose of the research stream of the annual CBAA conference is to encourage participation in the ongoing development of the community broadcasting sector by supporting dialogue between community media practitioners, policy makers and researchers.

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