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Farm Radio International on CBC Radio's "Sunday Edition" May 31 2009

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Subject: [CPI-UA] FW: pls check this out - CBC Radio's "Sunday Edition"
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This is a real Canadian "development" success story!

Congrats all round...


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Subject: pls check this out - CBC Radio's "Sunday Edition"

Hi all,

I think this special 30th anniversary program on CBC about Farm Radio
International (formerly DCFRN) may be of interest. Michael Enright, host
of *CBC Radio One*'s //The Sunday Edition//, interviews FRI Chair, Doug
Ward, on this Sunday's program (May 31) just after 11:00 am.

And if you are *on-line *here is the website where you can catch the
programme live ( or post-broadcast

FRI has worldwide recognition and a very specific mandate as a not for
profit committed to information and knowledge sharing with rural radio
broadcasters in service to farmers and rural communities across Africa.

FRI also has all sorts of University of Guelph connections -- the office
was initially located here on campus back in the early 1980s. Dozens of
individuals at UoG associated with the Network including past and
present alumni, students and faculty who serve(d) as staff, Board
members and/ or donors to FRI. There is partnership on joint research
projects, symposiums/visitors, technical review of scripts and the UoG
library holds the FRI archives.

For a development organization to reach 30 years of age is no small
accomplishment! OAC alumni (class of 1939!) George Atkins who founded
FRI is in his 90s now and it is wonderful to see his ideas grow up so
well in this ever renewed age of information.

I hope you can visit the FRI website to catch up on their great
activities and wish them well in this anniversary year -

congratulations and thank you to all FRI friends and supporters!


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