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Call for Applications: "Women Making Airwaves of Peace" - A radio seminar for women broadcasters

Call for Applications
A radio seminar for women broadcasters
on the role of community radio in peace building and disaster management

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Subject: Call for Applications: Women Making Airwaves for Peace
From:    "Bianca Miglioretto" <bianca@isiswomen.org>
Date:    Mon, June 8, 2009 06:08
To:      "Prativa Chhetri" <chhetri_prativa@yahoo.com>

Sorry for cross posting.

Dear members of AMARC and other community radio broadcasters

Isis International in partnership with AMARC Asia Pacific Women's
International Network are inviting to the seminar "Women Making Airwaves
of Peace" on 3 - 7 October in Bangalore, India.

Please see the attached call for applications and the application form.

May we kindly request you to disseminate this call  among your network
and other potential participants who might be interested.

You also find the call of application and the application form on the
Isis International website under Women Making Airwaves for Peace.

With best regards
Bianca Miglioretto
Community Radio Officer
Isis International

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Application Form  

DEADLINE for Application: 5 July 2009 to bianca@isiswomen.org 

All applications will be reviewed by the selection committee composed of Isis International and AMARC-WIN Asia Pacific representatives. We will inform you by 25 July 2009 if you are selected.

  • 1)  Basic Information on the Applicant


       Organisation:               Position:                                       

       Age:             Languages spoken:          


          Email address:            Tel:              Cell phone:          

          Is your organisation a member of AMARC Asia Pacific?   Yes   No

          Do you know the Women's International Network of AMARC?   Yes   No

          Are you a member of AMARC WIN Asia Pacific?   Yes   No 

    2)  Briefly describe your current involvement in community radio.


    3)  Briefly describe the experience of your radio stations with armed conflict or/and natural  disaster situations, if any.


    4)  Briefly describe your engagement on women's issues in the radio and elsewhere  (include trainings).


    5)  List three things you wish to gain from the WMAP seminar.

    i)                                           ii)               iii)            

    6)  What specific radio production skills would you like to learn during the WMAP seminar?


    7)  What experience, knowledge and skills can you contribute to the WMAP seminar?


    8)  What radio programmes are you planning to broadcast after the WMAP seminar?


    9)  How and with whom do you intend to share the learnings you gained from the WMAP  seminar?


    10) In case you are a radio trainer, what skills can you teach to other WMAP participants?


    11) Are you planning to attend the 2nd Regional Conference of AMARC Asia Pacific from  10- 13 October 2009 after the seminar?   Yes No  Other          

           Yes, if my application for subsidies to AMARC is accepted.   

    12) Application for full or partial scholarship

    (No need for scholarship, please proceed to question 13)

    In line with the project grant, we can only give travel subsidies to applicants coming from South East Asia and the Pacific. Women from other places can apply for the seminar costs, board and lodging only. (In case you are attending the 2nd regional conference of AMARC, we suggest you come earlier to attend the WMAP seminar given your application is approved). 

    I would like to apply for WMAP seminar attendance scholarship (covering local transportation, board and lodging and seminar costs) 

    I would like to apply for WMAP partial scholarship (covering visa costs, US$300 travel subsidies, local transportation, board and lodging and seminar costs.)  

    I would you like to apply for WMAP full scholarship to attend in WMAP (covering full travel costs, visa costs, local transportation, board and lodging and seminar costs) Please attach a quotation of the travel costs.  

    My organisation (or I) can contribute  US$           as counter part to my participation costs in the WMAP seminar. (Any amount is welcome, whatever your budget allows, as it will contribute to the participation of more women.) 

    13) Registration Fee:

    I do not need any scholarship and will pay the registration fee of

            US$ 250. (including local transportation, board and lodging and seminar cost)

            Solidarity registration US $ 500 (towards the participation cost for other women) 

            Other, please specify          

           I wish to pay an additional US$30 for double room or US$60 for single room (the    other rooms are four-bed) 

    13) Do you have any special diet requests or other special needs? None

          No Pork         Vegetarian          Other Diet                     Other Needs           

    14) In the event of my application being accepted,

      I commit myself to contribute to the WMAP publication of best practices of women in  community radio in peace building and disaster management and to participate in the  post-seminar evaluation by email four months after the WMAP seminar.  

    Please return this form by 5 July 2009 to

    Isis International 

    Bianca Miglioretto

    3 Marunong Street, Barangay Central,

    Quezon City 1100, Philippines     


    Tel. +63 2 928 19 56

    Fax +63 2 924 10 65


    For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Call for Applications
    A radio seminar for women broadcasters
    on the role of community radio in peace building and disaster management
    in conjunction with the 2nd Regional Community Radio Conference of AMARC Asia Pacific
    10-13 October 2009 in Bangalore, India
    Women Making Airwaves for Peace (WMAP) is a five-day seminar that gathers around 30 women community radio broadcasters from the Asia Pacific region. It is a space where participants share their experiences, particularly best practices towards engendered peace building and disaster management -- enabling community radio to empower women in crisis situations.
    The seminar also enhances the skills of the participants in radio production and digital audio editing. It sharpens their perspectives in engendered peace journalism, interview techniques, feminist broadcasting and more.
    The seminar methodology is interactive as participants are given the opportunity to be resource persons, trainers, facilitators, producers and translators. Moreover, the participants may produce radio programmes that they can broadcast in their respective radio stations.
    Who can participate
    Women Community Radio Broadcasters from Asia Pacific, preferably with experience in situations of armed conflict and natural disasters (not a condition).
    What is the required language skills
    The seminar is conducted in English. Non-English speaking women are encouraged to apply.. Isis International will select another participant who can both converse in the same non-English language as well as in English. English-speaking participants are required to translate for their colleague.
    Who can apply for scholarship
    Scholarships are limited to participants from South East Asia and the Pacific subregions. Participants from the rest of Asia Pacific are welcome to attend. However, they would cover their own travel expenses, while we can grant subsidies for board and lodging.
    What is expected from participants
    Selected participants are expected to:
    share their experiences and skills as trainers during the WMAP seminar.
    mount radio productions during and after the seminar. These radio productions must be broadcast in their radio stations in the local language.
    echo their learnings from the seminar with their colleagues in their radio station.
    document their best practices by contributing to the publications of Isis International and helping disseminate it.
    for English speaking participants, translate for other participants.
    participate in the post-seminar evaluation four months after the seminar
    The Women Making Airwaves for Peace seminar is a side event of the 2nd Regional Conference of AMARC Asia Pacific on community radio. This conference is an opportunity for the participants to learn more about community radio in the region and globally and participate in the community radio movement through the decision making process of AMARC Asia Pacific. For further information including subsidies, visit the conference website, http://asiapacific.amarc.org or contact AMARC Asia Pacific suman@wlink.com.np
    Interested to attend in Women Making Airwaves for Peace?
    Please fill in the attached application form (including application for scholarship) and send it to bianca@isiswomen.org before 5 July 2009
    For further inquiries please contact:Isis InternationalBianca Miglioretto3 Marunong Street, Barangay Central Quezon City 1100, Philippines
    bianca@isiswomen.orgTel. +63 2 928 19 56 Fax 924 10 65 http://www.isisinternational.org
    Please disseminate this call for application widely and encourage non-English speaking women community radio broadcasters to apply. Thank you.

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