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[creative-radio] Call For Nominations/ International Green Pen Awards-2009


Please Feel Free To Forward This Mail To Your Friends And Colleagues
Who Might Be Keen On Nominating Persons For The International Green Pen Awards.

The Asia-Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists(APFEJ)
is inviting nominations for

The International Green Pen Award is presented each year at the APFEJ
Annual World Congress for environmental journalists who have made a
significant contribution in promoting environmental journalism.

The award is open to all full-time or freelance journalists in the world working in all forms of media, the environment, government agencies,private, UN and NGO's.It is aimed to recognize the leadership of individuals in the field of environmental journalism - people who help, inspire and support others in the field.

Some of Past recipients of the INTERNATIONAL GREEN PEN AWARDS;
Aditya Man Shrestha-Nepal(founder Secretary General of Nepal Forum of
Environmental journalists.), Jim Detjen- USA(founder chairman of US society of Environmental Journalists), Anna Solomon-Papua New Guinea(editor-in-chief of Papua New Guinea's Word Publishing newspaper group), Yohei Sasakawa-Japan (president of the Sasakawa Pacific Island Nations Fund), Giff Johnson-Marshall Islands(editor of the Marshall Islands Journal, Majuro).

The last date for receipt of nominations is August 31, 2009


*The results will be announced in September 22, 2009

*The location of the Award ceremony varies.The last five ceremonies have been held in Korea, Bangladesh ,Japan, Fiji and The Philippines.This year the award,along with a certificate,will be presented to the winner on October 19, 2009 at a special ceremony at the 18th APFEJ World Congress of Environmental Journalists in Sri Lanka;October 19 - 22, 2009, which will see more than 100 participants from nearly 50 countries.

Entries (including photocopies) must be submitted in the surface mail by August 31,2009 and sent to
Dharman Wickremaratne,
Director,Asia-Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists(APFEJ),
P.O.Box 26,
434/3 Sri Jayawardenapura,
Sri Lanka.
There are no entry fees of any kind for submissions.
More details on the awards can be viewed on web site.

Name of Candidate:
Date of Birth:
Complete address:
E-mail: web: cell phone: ++ Fax: ++

Brief particulars of the candidate including a short description of
significant contributions in promoting environmental journalism and their impact (max. 1000 words):

Reasons why the candidate merits the Award (max.300 words):

References and their address/telephone/fax/e-mail:

Nomination submitted by
(name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail):

To find out more about the 18th World Congress of Environmental Journalists or APFEJ different activities it has been involved into for more than twenty years,please visit


Dharman Wickremaratne
Asia-Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists(APFEJ)/
C/o Sri Lanka Lanka Environmental Journalists Forum(SLEJF)
PO Box 26
434/3 Sri Jayawardenapura
Sri Lanka.
E-mail: <> ,

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