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[creative-radio] MENA Call For Submissions / New Adventures in Sound Art

. Call For Submissions / New Adventures in Sound Art / HOME - Deep
Wireless, Sound Travels & SOUNDplay Festivals / Toronto, ON /

Deadline Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Adventures in Sound Art invites artists of all ages and nationalities
to submit works on the theme HOME for consideration in 2010 future
programming for the annual Deep Wireless, Sound Travels, and SOUNDplay
festivals, produced by New Adventures in Sound Art in Toronto, Canada.

Artists may submit works in one or all of the following four categories:
1) Radio Art,
2) Electroacoustic Music & Sound Art,
3) Videomusic and
4) Installation Art (Note: please send separate submission forms for each

Individual interpretations or variations on the theme HOME are encouraged,
but should be realized with sound as the primary component.

All submitted works must respond in some way to the theme HOME in order to
be considered for 2010 NAISA programming.

1) Radio Art (for Deep Wireless)
The Radio Art category is for works conceived for radio or that use radio
and other wireless technology in their creation and that play with the
medium. Works submitted to this category must be less than 60 minutes in
duration. Special consideration will be given to 1 minute radio art pieces
for broadcast as well as 1 page proposals for collaboration on translocal
broadcast performances.

Pieces will be selected for broadcast within Canada and on several
international radio stations in May 2010 as part of the Deep Wireless
Festival of Radio and Transmission Art.

Both Canadian and International radio art submissions will be considered
for inclusion in the following:

-The Deep Wireless 7 radio art compilation CD
-The Radio Art Interventions (1 minute pieces played guerilla-style on
radio stations during the Deep Wireless festival)
-The Radio Art Salon - a listening gallery of radio art works exhibited
for the month of May.

2) Electroacoustic Music & Sound Art (for Sound Travels)
The Electroacoustic Music & Sound Art category is for multi-channel and
stereo works less than 20 minutes in duration and conceived for concert
performance or presentation in the Sound Travels festival of sound art.
Preferred formats for performance presentation include 5.1, octaphonic, 12
and 16-channel formats in both acousmatic (tape), live and mixed formats.
Please indicate in the notes the intended format of presentation and any
required instrumentation or specialized equipment.

3) Videomusic (for SOUNDplay)
The Videomusic category is for works that explores non-narrative
abstraction with equal emphasis on sound and image. Submitted works will
be considered for video screenings with either stereo or multi-channel
playback. Submitted works will be considered for screenings in either a
performance venue or a small-size gallery alongside other works selected
from this call for submissions.

4) Installation Art (for Deep Wireless, Sound Travels or SOUNDplay)
Installation proposals of previously realized works for site-specific and
gallery installations with no fixed duration will be considered for
presentation as part of Deep Wireless, Sound Travels or SOUNDplay.
Site-specific works can be for indoor or outdoor locations. Works can use
multichannel or single channel playback and may incorporate any number of
media, but must feature original sound as a primary element. Preference
will be given to small to medium scale interactive works that appeal to
all ages. Please attach a list of the necessary equipment required to
mount the installation and which of these items can be supplied by the
artist. Submissions should include audio, video or audio-video
documentation of previously realized versions of the work.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit a completed submission form (in digital format if possible)
along with the proposed works on CD or DVD.

For multichannel works, please include a stereo reduction for reference
purposes only. For video works, please include a DVD copy for reference
only. Screening and multi-channel masters will be requested later if the
work is to be programmed. For installation works or performance proposals,
please attach a list of required equipment with indications of equipment
that can be supplied by the artist.

Materials will not be returned. Please don't send original copies.

Submissions must be postmarked no later than September 30, 2009 and mailed
to: New Adventures in Sound Art
601 Christie Street #252
Toronto ON M6G 4C7

Visit for more information.

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