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Giving Voice: Oral Testimony

Oral Traditions Manual

The Oral Traditions Manual is a very useful tool for teachers and students interested in conducting oral history research and interviews. This detailed manual is available as a printable pdf download.

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Text: Elisa Hart - Illustrations: Wally Wolfe

There are many people in the Northwest Territories who want to try to save the knowledge that is part of the oral tradition of their culture. People are realizing that if they do not do this, then much of this information will be lost forever. This manual was written for adults and students in the Northwest Territories who want to do their own research, but need help getting started. There is a lot to learn. This manual provides you with an outline of how it can be done using audio recording equipment.

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Giving Voice:
A Practical Guide to the Implementation of Oral Testimony Projects

by Olivia Bennett

Published in 1999, this manual from Panos is meant for those implementing community-based oral testimony projects in the development context. Drawing on several years' fieldwork with grassroots and community-based organisations, it covers all aspects of such projects - from the initial planning to reviewing and evaluating the process and the products.

Designed to help those with little or no previous experience of such work, it also contains ideas for running a training workshop. Throughout the manual there are checklists, summaries of key points, and ideas for discussion which have been designed to be used or adapted as handouts for interviewers, and/or during a training workshop.

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