Monday, 21 September 2009

[creative-radio] Re: British Library releases 23, 700 rare audio tracks online


Another great source of traditional music are the enthomusicollegy
collections of universitiies... Back in the early 1980s when I was
working for an Inuit radio and television network in the Nunavik (Arctic
Quebec, Canada) region, I spent a couple of weeks making copies of the
interviews and music recordings enthomusicologists had made of Inuit
elders. I was allowed to make those copies simply because I asked and
because I was doing so to return those sound recordings back to the people
of the region where they were originally recorded...

So I heartly suggest that community radio stations get in touch with the
ethomusicology departments /sections of university anthopology departments
around the world and see if they have any recordings from your region of
the world... In my case... the department's policy was to
a) leave copies of recordings with the communities in which they were
and because they knew that those copies were often lost... it was also
their policy to
b) allow representatives of those communities to make other copies to
replace those originally left... at no cost...

Searching "ethnomusicology recordings" on Google gives about 1,290,000 hits


Arti Jaiman wrote:
> So does Sangeet Natak Akademi, as well as all the state Akademi-s. They
> are holding onto a large, hardly used bank of folk music recordings from
> across India, all of which would benefit immensely from being aired out
> in CR stations, which are probably the only stations interested in folk
> music anyway. And yet, when I last requested permission, I was sent off
> with a pompous "Oh no, they are ours!"
> Arti
> Arti Jaiman Project Manager: TRF Radio | |
> | |
> --- On Mon, 21/9/09, Srini RamaKrishnan <> wrote:
> From: Srini RamaKrishnan <>
> Subject: Re: [cr-india] [india-gii] Fw: [Asiapacific-general] British
> Library releases 23, 700 rare audio tracks online
> To:
> Cc: "India- gii" <>, "CR India" <>,
> Date: Monday, 21 September, 2009, 7:19
> PM
> On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 5:16 AM, Vickram Crishna <>
> wrote:
>> [The British Library has made 23,700 rare music and sound recordings
>> from its massive collection, reputed to be one of the largest sound
>> archives in the world,] All India Radio has been the repository of an
>> equally invaluable, perhaps even more so, given the paths of destruction
>> of cultural roots here, audio repository of South Asian music and audio
>> theater, paid for out of public funds.
> Indeed, going back in history a long way, we see that the Indian
> subcontinent has never had a great desire to preserve records. Perhaps a PI
> litigation? __________________________________


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