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What is your philosophy?
See our manifesto.
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Produced by The Poetry Foundation , UbuWeb is
pleased to announce the latest in its podcast series, focusing on a dozen
of Ubu's hidden treasures, highlighting audio works that you really should
know about about but most likely don't. With this podcast, we kick off a
series focusing on the sounds of different regions. Here the focus is on
the very rich scene emerging out of Los Angeles. Blending genres such as
punk rock, visual art, performance art, experimental music and innovative
poetry, we focus mostly on the late 1970s. Featured here are Chris Burden,
Paul McCarthy, The Kipper Kids, Mike Kelley with Sonic Youth, John
Baldessari, David Antin, Eleanor Antin, the Los Angeles Free Music
Society, and Benjamin Weismann. You can subscribe to our podcast here.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. When did UbuWeb Start?
2. How is UbuWeb funded?
3. Can I get involved?
4. Can I use something posted on UbuWeb on my site, in a paper, in a
project, etc.
5. How do I purchase something from your site?
6. What is your policy concerning posting copyrighted material?
7. How do I download MP3s?
8. I only have RealPlayer. How come you mostly have MP3s?
9. Are you affiliated with a university?
10. Why are your pages in English? / Why are your pages not in English?
11. Who are you?
12. Where are you located?
13. Why don't you respond to my emails?
14. I'm interested in advertising on UbuWeb. How do I go about this?
15. Why isn't new content posted every day?
16. I'd like to receive notices of UbuWeb updates. How do I do this?
17. Do you have an UbuWeb listserve?
18. What system do you design UbuWeb on? What browser is UbuWeb optimized
19. What is your philosophy?
20. Why is there no Alfred Jarry on UbuWeb?
21. What happened to the image of the nude woman at the top of the Artist
Index page?
22. Why won't you look at my MySpace page?
Why won't you look at my MySpace page?
It's ugly, crowded, filled with ads, blares music at you, and nine times
out of ten, crashes our browser. Really, it's the polar opposite of
UbuWeb. Just as in meatspace there are certain streets you never walk
down, so in cyberspace, we assidiously avoid the MySpace mall. No ifs ands
or buts. Sorry.

When did UbuWeb Start?
UbuWeb was founded in November of 1996, initially as a repository for
visual, concrete and, later, sound poetry. Over the years, UbuWeb has
embraced all forms of the avant-garde and beyond. Its parameters continue
to expand in all directions.


I'm interested in advertising on UbuWeb. How do I go about this?
You don't. UbuWeb is completely commercial-free and it will always stay
that way.

Why isn't new content posted every day?
UbuWeb is an archive, not a blog. It has accumulated slowly and steadily
and shall continue to far into the future.

I'd like to receive notices of UbuWeb updates. How do I do this?
UbuWeb refuses to advertise or promote itself. Most of all, we detest the
idea of filling inboxes with more unwanted material. A few times a year,
we post our updates to select mailing lists; that's what they're for,
aren't they? For UbuWeb updates, best to just keep checking back on the
homepage, where notices of all new content appears.


What is your philosophy?
See our manifesto.
[Version française]
[Versione Italiana]



Concrete poetry's utopian pan-internationalist bent was clearly
articulated by Max Bense in 1965 when he stated, "…concrete poetry does
not separate languages; it unites them; it combines them. It is this part
of its linguistic intention that makes concrete poetry the first
international poetical movement." Its ideogrammatic self-contained,
exportable, universally accessible content mirrors the utopian
pan-linguistic dreams of cross-platform efforts on today's Internet;
Adobe's PDF (portable document format) and Sun System's Java programming
language each strive for similarly universal comprehension. The pioneers
of concrete poetry could only dream of the now-standard tools used to make
language move and morph, stream and scream, distributed worldwide
instantaneously at little cost.

Essentially a gift economy, poetry is the perfect space to practice
utopian politics. Freed from profit-making constraints or cumbersome
fabrication considerations, information can literally "be free": on
UbuWeb, we give it away and have been doing so since 1996. We publish in
full color for pennies. We receive submissions Monday morning and publish
them Monday afternoon. UbuWeb's work never goes "out of print." UbuWeb is
a never-ending work in progress: many hands are continually building it on
many platforms.


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