Wednesday, 9 December 2009

[creative-radio] The People Of The World Coming Together To Create Economic Success For Humanity


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The People Of The World Coming Together To Create Economic Success For Humanity


Please read about my 28-year vision in the below link in order to see if you will want to help us build this very important and very strategic worldwide Movement -- a Movement to create the most important worldwide discussion in all of humanity's history, one that will empower our suffering humanity, worldwide, to finally be able to end poverty and unemployment worldwide, make every single nation and territory in the world prosperous, protect and clean up the environment, solve the energy crisis, provide health care and education to everyone in every nation, build and always properly maintain the needed infrastructure in every nation, provide all of the different kinds of necessary public transportation in every nation, end taxation for every person and every large and small business in every nation, and so much more. It's all about how to very lovingly, morally, ethically, skillfully, and easily change the money system throughout the whole world so that it finally works absolutely well for all of humanity, all of the time.

After reading about it and watching some of my videos if you come to agree that my vision is very important, whenever you can, and only if you want to, please do your best to:


Because you see this, I want everyone here to know that I most sincerely thank the Owner/Moderator for allowing me to post this message, even though it is off topic and not what the group exists for, so that all of the members here can at least get a chance to know about it. Why? Because it is so important I want a lot of humanity in every nation to at least know about it before I die so that it doesn't simply disappear off the face of the Earth when I do.

Finally, please know that I will only "Post" this one message and never be back again to bother the group with another posting of it. Of course I also put one in the "Links" section, if there is one and if members are permitted to.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

John DeSantis, a 68-year-old senior citizen.
My home address is 1113 Scotts Hill Drive, Baltimore, Maryland (U.S.A.).
My home phone number is 410-484-1987.

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