Sunday, 6 December 2009

[creative-radio] Riding a different airwave


Riding a different airwave


English-language radio in Israel has never had an easy ride. Mainly due to
licensing difficulties with the Communications Ministry, stations like the
legendary Voice of Peace launched by Abie Nathan on a ship in the
Mediterranean off the coast of Israel, the short-lived, long-lamented
Jerusalem-based Radio West in the 1990s and more recently the
Ramallah-Jerusalem coexistence station RAM FM, all suffered similar fates
of being shut down because they were broadcasting without a
government-issued license - in essence operating as pirate radio station.

Adam Mallerman, a new immigrant from England, has neatly pole-vaulted over
the whole nuisance of proper permits, sanctioned bandwidths and the
bureaucratic black hole that has relegated countless grassroots radio
startups to the broadcasting junk heap. Ironically though, his spunky
radio station can't be tuned into on a radio - Rusty Mike Radio
( is an Internet-only station "broadcasting"
from Jerusalem's Talbiyeh neighborhood to Israel and the world beyond.

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