Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Signal FM - 90.5 FM Port-au-Prince is on-line & broadcasting

Signal FM - 90.5 FM Port-au-Prince (French Talk)
Plus Hauti, Plus Lion, Plus Fort !

RT @mediamentor:
Radio Signal FM- Radio #Haiti
Listen Online

RT @mediamentor: Local #radio proves a lifeline in Haiti

"...Communications are still disrupted in Haiti, hampering relief efforts. Cell phone service, is, however, slowly being restored, as are Internet connections. But in the aftermath of the earthquake, many Haitians have turned to local radio as a way to get, and share, information. We hear from Mario Viau, director of SignalFM in Port-au-Prince, which has somehow managed to keep broadcasting, on the airwaves and online, since the earthquake struck...."

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