Sunday, 7 February 2010

Community Media Association of the UK - A photo blog "year in the life of community media" for 2010

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The Community Media Association (CMA) has started this photo blog for 2010 but we need your help.  We would like you to send us photos of your community project that we will publish on "Community Media 365″.  Every day in 2010 we will post to this blog an image relating to community media so that over the course of 2010 together we will build a rich visual picture of the community media sector.

All images are welcome – whether it's a picture of the stapler on your desk or a visit to your project by a campaigning politician; a photo of your staff team or the view from your window.  Obviously the more photos we can get from you the better chance we have of this project succeeding.  The CMA will also post the odd picture up so you will get a chance to see some of us at work.

Please send your photos to:

We can handle all digital photo file formats but sending jpegs will mean less work for us to convert them.  We can also scale down pictures so hi-res photos are fine.  When sending photos from a mobile phone try to set the highest resolution possible.  Please ensure that all photos are suitable for publishing on the web in terms of rights clearance and privacy.

We will continue to make calls throughout the year for photos so just keep them coming.  We hope to feature as wide a spread of your projects as possible but the more good photos that you send us the better the chances are of your organisation featuring several times.

So please start immediately and send your photos now to:

The Community Media Association is the UK representative body for the Community Media sector and we are committed to promoting access to the media for people and communities.  We enable people to establish and develop community based communications media for empowerment, cultural expression, information and entertainment.

Founded in 1983, the CMA is a non-profit making organisation, supporting community radio, local television and community-based internet projects. We represent the interests of the community media sector Government, industry and regulatory bodies.

Membership currently exceeds 600, bringing together established organisations, aspirant groups and individuals within the sector. The CMA provides a range of advice, information and consultancy, offering support to anyone with an interest in the sector.

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