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[creative-radio] [Karawane Festival Jena] Bremen+Berlin: Preparatory Meeting - Unite against colonial injustice


[Karawane Festival Jena] Bremen+Berlin: Preparatory Meeting - Unite
against colonial injustice

KARAWANE Festival 2010 in Jena(English + Deutsh)
*1. Bremenweites Vorbereitungstreffen
Das KARAWANE-Festival 2010 vom 4. bis 6. Juni 2010 in Jena - Deutschland
*"Events" Veranstaltungen in Deutschland
download pdf :Calls indeutsch, english, arabic, francais, turkish,
espagnol, farsi
KARAWANE-Festival in Jena - Multilingua - Calls
The 1st Bremen â€" wide preparation meeting will take place on Wednesday,
March 04,. at 8pm.

Unite against colonial injustice  - In memory of the dead victims of
Fortress Europe

From 4 to 6 June 2010 Political Art and Cultural festival of the Caravan
for the rights of the refugees and migrant take place inside the city of
Jena. It is a festival for the lives and victims and in memories of the
dead migrants of the fortress Europe.

With the masquerade parade we want to build a Memorial in the middle of
Europe for the death of thousands of refugees and migrants at the
increasingly deadly and lethal borders of the European Union. Â With it we
want to reaffirm our commitment to our fight for our right to freedom of
movement, social justice and global solidarity.

The Masquerades can and will tell the stories of those, whose stories may
never be told -those burnt alive under mysterious circumstances in police
custody, those shot and killed by the police in various European
countries, those whose lives are meant to be wasted in the inhuman refugee
and asylum camps all over Europe, those forced to be drowned by the
security forces of European countries, those persecuted and criminalized
by the racist police, those suffocated in the process of deportation and
lots more.

Volunteers are urgently needed

We are looking for volunteers with particular attention to Artists such as
painters, sculptors, play writers, theatre performers and media activists,
musicians, actors, art critics, in addition to individuals and activists
from political and cultural groups and social networks who have interest
in being a part of the preparatory activities and mobilization to the

The 1st Bremen â€" wide preparation meeting will take place on Wednesday,
March 04;2010. At 8pm in the Kulturzentrum Paradox. It you can not keep
the date and you wan to support or help please inform us.

CARAVAN FESTIVAL Appeal to all Sculptors and installation Artists who feel
connected to human rights and the fight against racismÂ

You can also help to support the Festival project with donations:
The VOICE eV, Sparkasse GÃttingen BLZ: 127 829 Account no.:
260 500 01 Keyword: festival

KARAWANE Bremen, Bermhardtstr. 10-12, 28203 Bremen

For the rights of refugees and migrants in Europe (Juni 4th â€" 6th, 2010
in Jena - Germany)

Unite against colonial injustice in memory of the dead victims of Fortress

The Central Call to The Caravan Festival from 4th - 6th June 2010 in Jena,
Germany http://thevoiceforum.org/node/1471
Updates: Karawane-Festival "Events" in Deutschland

Central Calls for Karawane Festival Jena 2010
Download pdf in deutsch, english, arabic, francais, turkish, espagnol, farsi
Aufruf für das KARAWANE-Festival 2010 in deutsch als pdf-download:
call english for the Caravan Festival 2010 as pdf-download:
pdf olarak 2010 Kervan festivaline türkçe çağrı:
pdf-download francais:
pdf-download arabisch / arabic
llamada en castellano pdf-download:
pdf-download farsi:
italiano: avviso di Festival KARAWANE
Aufruf an alle BildhauerInnen und InstallationskünstlerInnen:

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