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[creative-radio] First Voices Indigenous Radio


A Voice for Indigenous Issues, Concerns, Cultures & Customs: First Voices
#Indigenous #Radio

First Voices Indigenous Radio brings to the airwaves the experiences,
perspectives and struggles of Indigenous people who have been almost
totally excluded from both mainstream and progressive, alternative media.
Our purpose is to help ensure the continuance and survival of Indigenous
cultures and Nations by letting the People tell their own story, in their
own words, and often in their own languages and ways of speaking. And with
as little outside interference and interruption as possible.

As we open up the airwaves week after week to the voices seldom heard in
the last 518 years, it is our hope that the newcomers to this Land - that
is, every immigrant group - will begin to question their assumptions about
Indigenous people here. We hope they become educated and informed, get
activated, break down their romanticization, break free of their
stereotypes, and begin to form real relationships with Indigenous
communities based, finally, on respect and real understanding.

This one hour is devoted to bringing the voices of the Indigenous Peoples
of Turtle Island (i.e., North America) and connecting their struggles with
those of other Indigenous Peoples around the world. And while never
forgetting that standing upon Mother Earth is a great responsibility.

We ask our guests with great respect to do the honor of coming on the
program to offer their knowledge, wisdom, and experience, a knowledge that
has been handed down over hundreds of thousands of years. It is a
responsibility we take very seriously, and we know it is with great
urgency that we ask these voices to be shared in this time of changes. We
hope we offer our listeners a perspective they have been missing for far
too long. The voice America has tried to silence, the voices of Indigenous

Tiokasin knows that First Voices Indigenous Radio belongs to all the
Native or Indigenous peoples throughout Mother Earth. The responsibilities
that can be taught by listening to the real land owners (so to speak) and
understanding the knowledge, the wisdom, the struggles, and the unheard

It is said that if the lies continue about Native peoples it will create
an illusion that all Americans will dearly pay for in the future...and the
future is now. What kind of world are Americans creating with their
privilege of denying Native people's voice and the reality of truth that
Natives experience daily.

Tiokasin's global perspective reality is the experience of living with and
understanding these two worlds - Indigenous and non-Indigenous. The
teachings of the Lakota are profound and relevant in the universe today!
Lakota knowledge empowers through inclusion, by teaching responsibility of
choices. This contributes to an emerging world, affecting Mother Earth
issues we as human beings ponder when it comes to what it means to be

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