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8. Empowering Communities, Informing Policy: The Potential of Community
Radio - femLINKPACIFIC's Mobile Women's Community Radio Experience:
This September 2008 handbook explores community radio as a tool for enabling
women to have a voice on a range of social, economic, and political issues.
It is centred on the experience of femLINKPACIFIC, which established a
women's mobile community radio station, femTALK 89.2FM, in 2004. This
radio-station-in-a-suitcase has been taken out to rural and semi-urban women
around Fiji in an effort to encourage participation, sharing of information,
and innovation. femLINKPACIFIC's "Not Just Sweet Talk" campaign has become a
platform to document the experiences and stories of female candidates, while
also being an avenue for local communities to address development
priorities. "Pre-broadcast consultations staged with the local government
authorities mean women can access local government officials, sometimes for
the very first time."

9. Radio Programming Inspires Afghan Women to Run for Office
Because, according to the May 1 2009 Independent Election Commission (IEC)
report, no female candidates had registered for mid-2009 provincial council
elections in Afghanistan's 8 provinces, the radio programming service Salam
Watandar produced a number of stories and interviews to highlight the lack
of gender representation. In addition, and with the registration deadline
just a week away, Salam Watandar, funded by Internews, created an outreach
campaign focusing on potential female candidates in 5 key provinces. As a
result, on May 9, the IEC announced that a total of 342 women had registered
for 124 seats on provincial councils around the country.

10. Women's Empowerment and Good Governance through Community Radio:
Best Experiences for an Action Research Process
Published by the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC)
in April 2008, this book offers a collection of articles which seek to
contribute to the impact of community radio (CR) on governance issues,
especially related to gender equality and women's rights. It brings together
case studies and experiences written by women practitioners participating in
democratic processes through CR. The book provides examples of how women can
get involved in governance issues - particularly to help them gain a greater
degree of independence and equality.

11. Hamari Awaz (Our Voice) Radio - Pakistan
Sarsabz Foundation launched the 30-minute programme Hamari Awaz (Our Voice)
as part of its Radio Faisalabad station in an effort to: discuss the
problems women faced during the local body elections; provide them accurate
information; and offer solutions to their problems in clear and
easy-to-understand language. The programme began with a 10-minute modelling
of an Aj Ki Union Council session, followed by a brief report. Next, the
Community Corner involved field staff recording the public's opinions about
the practices of their own union councils and their perceptions of their
Public Representatives. Then, a 5-minute interview session presented one
outstanding woman as a role model. This was followed by an information
report on women's rights, international laws, and national action plans
related to rights issues. Finally, listeners were encouraged to call in to
ask questions and share their views.
Contact: Dr. Naveeda Zia

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