Thursday, 27 May 2010

Deep Wireless Festival Blog

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May 27, 2010

Deep Wireless Festival Blog *

For the sixth year running, Transom is blogging the Deep Wireless Festival in Toronto.  If your ears are bored, this would be a good way to change that.  The line-up is intriguing and so are our bloggers: Jennifer Brandel who makes radio and video stories and runs the international free-form women's workout class "Dance Dance Party Party," and Andrea Silenzi who is a multi-media reporter and produces the show "Seven Second Delay" for WFMU Radio, which sometimes involves booking puppets.  Here's what they promise:

"We will be traveling together from Chicago to report on the international aural celebration that is Deep Wireless for Transom. The festival includes limitless listening for curious ears - including transmission art, audio installations and radio broadcasts from artists on both sides of the border. You can expect an enthusiastic mix of high to lowbrow reporting on everything from memorable moments of artistic profundity to what the tastemakers in the field are actually tasting.  Yes, there will be extensive lunch coverage at this year's festival, as well as US Weekly-style dishing on what your favorite radio makers are wearing and what gear they keep in their backpacks.  Jennifer and Andrea will be looking stylish at this year's festival with their digital SLR cameras, flash recorders and a wee flip camera ready to make some blogging magic."

Sounds like fun.  For starters, check out the team's remote blogging toolkits, which include mixed nuts and a watermelon.

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