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[creative-radio] Opportunity for Community Radios in South Asia to Participate in Internet Broadcasting Workshop


Opportunity for Community Radios in South Asia to Participate in
Internet Broadcasting Workshop

In the past few years in South Asian countries there have been a remarkable
progress in the development of community radios. Liberalization of broadcast
policies by the states and formulation of community radio policies in South
Asian countries like Bangladesh and India have led to the establishment of
remarkable number of community radios in these countries.

Opening up of the community radios in South Asia has definitely provided the
opportunities for the marginalized communities to voice for themselves and
have given voice to the voiceless. Amongst the opportunities there however
are challenges, amongst others, like raising the voice of the communities at
much higher levels. How the voices of communities raised by the community
radios can be raised at the national, regional and international levels? The
opportunity for this lies in the application of new media technologies for
Internet broadcasting. The community radios by having the capacity on
Internet broadcasting can raise their voice beyond the community level to
the national, regional and international levels.

To address the need for the community radios to build their capacity to
raise their voice beyond the community level, Panos South Asia is organizing
a five-day workshop exclusively for community radios in South Asia titled
'Internet Broadcasting for Community Radios in South Asia' at its Media
Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal from 13 - 17 September 2010. The five-day
workshop shall orient the community radios on the concept and applications
of Internet broadcasting, and hands-on on actually creating Internet radio
or broadcasting. It will also be an opportunity for community radio
practitioners in South Asia to network and share knowledge.

Community radios from only South Asian countries who are interested to
attend this workshop may apply by filling out the attached application form
and submitting it by e-mail to <mailto:prsa@panosradiosouthasia.org>
prsa@panosradiosouthasia.org by 15 July 2010. All the costs for attending
the workshop shall be covered by Panos South Asia. ONLY selected applicants
who meet the criteria for participating in the workshop shall be informed
about the outcome of their applications by 10 August 2010.


Internet Broadcasting for Community Radios in South Asia Workshop

Application Form

Name of the Community Radio

Year of establishment


Complete address



Website (if any)

Name of the applicant

(person applying for the workshop)

Designation of the applicant

Responsibility of the applicant in the community radio concerned

Technical/computer skills of the applicant

E-mail of the applicant (person)

How many hours a day does your community radio broadcast? And what is the
nature of the content of your community radio? (briefly)

What is the current technical capacity (in terms of computers, digital
recording, editing, Internet capacity) of the community radio you are
associated with?

How will the workshop help your community radio to further raise the voice
of the communities?

Endorsement by the Station Manager/Senior Management of the Community Radio
(Date, Signature and Designation)

Note: Completely filled out application form should be sent by e-mail to
<mailto:prsa@panosradiosouthasia.org> prsa@panosradiosouthasia.org by 15
July 2010.

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