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[creative-radio] PressRelease from THE VOICE Refugee Forum on Brandenburg State


PressRelease from THE VOICE Refugee Forum on Brandenburg State intention
to loosen the residence restriction for Asylum seekers.

deutsch:PM Von The VOICE - Anläßlich der Auflockerung der Residenzpflicht
für Asylbewerber in Brandenburg >>
French: Communiqué de presse: The VOICE sur l'annonce du gouvernement du
Brandebourg d'abolir les restrictions de résidence pour les demandeurs
d'asile. >>

Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants in Germany

The VOICE Online on Residence Restriction and Obligation for Refugees in

Press Release from THE VOICE Refugee Forum
Noticing the Brandenburg State intention to loosen the residence
restriction for Asylum seekers.

We welcome the Brandenburg State government intention to abolish the
residence restriction obligation law "Residenzpflicht" within its region.
Nevertheless, we still see the rights of the refugees and migrants as a
game in the hands of Germany and its racist System. This game exposes the
conviction of some German – and also its left wing Activist- and their
compromise of refugee birthright in Europe.

The tendency to loosen the residence restriction is not only unique to the
states of Berlin or Brandenburg, but also practiced in Bremen and Bavaria.
We regard such approach as hypocritical and criticize it as not being
fundamental to the question on the issue of residence restriction but
rather as a kind of latent racism and concealed support for apartheid.
· It fails to acknowledge that the inviolable right of humans to move
freely is missing.
· So called tolerated refugees ("Geduldete") will still be faced with
residency restriction. This segregation of humans with rights from those
without rights is associated with racist idea that must be abolished.
· THE VOICE demands no right in part! No compromises with the rights of
humans! Freedom of movement for all in Germany and Europe! Residenzpflicht
must be abolished!

Loosening the residence restrictions in Brandenburg is being celebrated as
a positive step of direction of success to human rights. As The Voice
Refugee Forum we are not delighted not only because the freedom of asylum
seekers is being strongly limited even after this partial abolition, but
also because this regulation applies only to 1100 refugees whose cases are
still pending. The so called tolerated "Geduldete" refugees have always
been deprived of this freedom and are still exposed to the harassment of
the foreigners' authorities.
The residence restriction law has since 1982 violated the self
determination of refugees' life. This law is just a part of structural
racism from what we understand from a wider spectrum of special laws
applied to those who are not Germans.

Accommodating refugees in remote places keeps them isolated and aliened.
Notwithstanding the experiences and traumas they may have been through in
their home country and on their way to Europe, they are taken through
another psychological torture here in Germany.
Part of this institutionalized torture is this residence restriction,
serving as an instrument to criminalize refugees.
The accommodation in camps, the voucher system and residence restriction
are all living conditions purposely created to exhibit the German racist
culture of making refugees go throw difficulties to ease their deportation
back to that land where their life is endangered.
The VOICE Forum has since 2000 fought against such special laws like
"Residenzpflicht" and initiated strategies of civil disobedience.

„Some activists ended up in jail, some still awaits warrant of arrest.
Felix Otto spent 6 months in jail and was deported to Cameroon where he is
suffering now. We feel irritated and angry that others celebrate victory
over the compromised loosening of the residence restriction in one
region." According to the speaker of The VOICE Refugee Forum Yufanyi
Mboli, it is a big shame for Germany. "The total abolition of the
residence restriction in Germany is the only way to acknowledge the rights
of the refugees and we shall continue until this Apartheid law existing
only here in Germany is abolished.

THE VOICE continues to call on refugees to join the campaign of civil
disobedience against the Residenzpflicht and demands immediate abolition
of this special racist law.

Let us not forget that Germany had a similar edict during the National
Socialist regime. In 1938, a similar regulation for foreigners was enacted
in the "Ausländerpolizeiverordnung" of 22nd August 1938.

Kontakt: Yufanyi Mbolo: The VOICE Berlin: +49(0)170/8788124

1 Ulla Jelpke Pressemitteilung von 7.7.2010
2 Siehe z.B das Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz,
3 Siehe:
4 Reichsgesetzblatt, Teil I, 25. August 1938, Nr. 132, Seite 1055

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The VOICE (Refugee) Forum Berlin
Haus Bethanien- Südflügel
Mariannenplatz 2 / 10997 Berlin
Handy:+49 (0)170/8788124
Bankverbindung: Kto.Nr.: 127 829, BLZ: 260 500 01, Sparkasse Göttingen

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