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[creative-radio] [Germany] Vogtland District Punishes Nigerian Mother and 5 Kids - Court Process on 25.08.10 at 13Uh in Zwickau]


Claudia Omoroghomwan: Vogtland District Punishes Nigerian Mother and 5 Kids

We call for Solidarity and Observation in the Zwickau
Court Process on 25.08.10 at 13Uhr.

Ms. Claudia Omoroghomwan continues to face injustice in Vogt land district
more than two years after exposing the injustice perpetrated by district
Officials against herself, 20months old Son, 9 years old Daughter she
rescued from Abuse and Kids of her late Brother she was obliged to take
care of.

The whole manipulation is instigated by the Youth welfare Office
intentions to take the kids from her by any possible means.
"Why must one fight for his or her own right even when it is obviously
stated in the so called democratic Constitution?"

That has remained an unanswered question thrown by Mrs. Claudia
Omoroghomwan to an Activist of The Voice Refugee Forum during an
investigation mission to Vogt land District in July 2010.

The injustice is clearly expressed by the District denial of her residence
Right with the excuse that she has a pending criminal proceeding falsely
leveled against her by the Youth welfare Office. The investigating
Activist witnessed this pronouncement as he accompanied her to the foreign
Office in Reichenbach. According to him, Ms Claudia Omoroghomwan is been
condemned before Charged guilty.

The Youth welfare Office accused her of attempted kidnap of her Nephew.
The same young boy they forcefully took away from her in 2005 with claims
that she had no secured residence Right. The same Youth department is now
framing an entirely different Story to facilitate their continuous
Custodian for the little boy.

We call for Solidarity and Observation in the Zwickau court Process on
25.08.10 at 13Uhr.

This injustice is in the bid to destroy the life of her entire family. The
Children are daily confronted with mental-Physical Trauma and demotions
that greatly hinder their Social and Educational development as after
effect of their being dumped in the Jungle Lager in Posseck from 2006-2008
and deprived from going to School for years.

Although the kids are attending schools now, further education for them is
not supported. Their wishes to continue in grammar school (Gymnasium) are
being denied as well as their Social welfare development through the Youth
welfare Department hindrances.

The Nieces Sofia, Sandra and Sonia Asylum status was recognized in 2008
but remain faced with the clause of residence restriction within Sachsen
State. More also the Youth welfare Department has through false assumption
claimed 100% Custody of them without exercising full responsibilities as
the case may be.2

Ms. Claudia Omoroghomwan sees herself being used by the Youth welfare
department. She complains of short comings in the support for the Kids
development. She also expresses the Custodian-Hr Winkelman threat of
coming to pick up the kids anytime she complains of their lacks.

This pressure is directed at creating the opportunity to brand her as
incapable to take care of the kids. The Youth welfare Department tries to
makes the Kids feel insecure living with her just as they planted in the
minds of her Nephew who feels disappointed that she couldn’t protect
Also the Police brutalization of the Kids in 2008 (3) has remained a
continuous threat against the family. This time, Sandra (15 years) was
picked up from bed at about 8AM in April 2010, detained in the police Cell
until her court appointment for 2PM and brought to Court in Handcuffs
without regard to Ms Claudia Omoroghomwan whom the Kids are living with.
One could also see the whole bureaucratic misuse of powers exercised by
the district Officials just to provoke one to resistance that gives room
for them to frame criminalities.

The Kids feels greatly uncomfortable with the entire system they are being
faced with. As one of the Girls commented, "Our Mummy doesn't make trouble
it's just that she stands to defend herself from any mistreatment meted on

According to Ms. Claudia Omoroghomwan, quite a number of Officials who
noticed the mistreatment and abnormalities at certain times attempted
helping out only to change their position as soon as they speak with the
appropriate Officer in Charge. According to Ms Claudia Omoroghomwan, I
understand the game and could see that feeling of helplessness in their

Ms Claudia Omoroghomwan is denied of virtually everything she asks for the
Children development. She bitterly expressed the hatred from the District
Authorities on her Family. She says, I am so confused that I no more know
what to ask for and even who to speak with in the Offices. I have been
left with the only option to borrow and beg to meet their basic comfort
which was supposed to be the duty of their Custodian (Vormund) to monitor.
I could not continuously stand their Teachers complains about the kids
abnormal dressing because the Youth department offered no Washing Machine
and other necessary domestic items. The children sleep with their mattress
on the Floor up till date. They have no opportunity for school group
excursions, except I would have to borrow to make it possible.
Every member of Family Omoroghomwan has a strange and bitter story to tell
up to this very moment. "Mama, we are tired of staying in this district!
Do you mean we are going to remain here after the Holiday?
Never! You must take us out of here."
That was the cry of the Kids during the last week before School resumed.

Mrs. Claudia Omoroghomwan has consistently stood against the Abuses of the
District against her and the children especially. The Kids have pledged
continuous support to her resistance against the mistreatment imposed on
them in the District. They also confirmed the awareness that the whole
struggle from their Aunty was ultimately for their sound developments.

We therefore call for financial support for Family Omoroghomwan.
In Solidarity to Family Omoroghomwan, we demand:
1. From the Plauen Court its decision to grant 100% Custody of the kids
2. Why the Custodian have refused to exercise his full responsibility.
3. Clarification on Ms Claudia Omoroghomwan duties from the youth department
4. Full opportunity to public and social welfare without discrimination
and control.
5. Freedom to reside anywhere like any German.
6. Ms Claudia Omoroghomwan residence Right based on the German nationality
of her Son Solomon Omoroghomwan born on 06.11.2008 in Plauen

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