Tuesday, 24 August 2010

[creative-radio] Stray bullet kills director of only community radio station in Mogadishu


Stray bullet kills Mr. Barqad Awale Adan director of Xurmo the only
community radio station in Mogadishu


A veteran Somali journalist who was the director of Xurmo the only
community radio station in Mogadishu Mr. Barqad Awale Adan has on Tuesday
died after a stray bullet has got him on the heart.

Late Barqad was on top of a three story building at KM5 intersection where
he was assessing a fierce battle taking between the Somali government
soldiers gaining military support from the African Union troops in
Mogadishu and the rival Al-Shabab faction which is an Islamist faction
which controls the majority of the southern and the central regions of

The death of Mr.Barqad was verified for allvoices by the deputy director
of Xurmo Mr. Dahir Fidow.

"I assure you the death of my collogue Mr. Barqad Awale Adan, and please I
cannot continue talk after this due to my raising emotions" said Dahir

Late Barqad is among the few former journalists who used to work in radio
Mogadishu a government controlled radio station in the heydays who are in
now in Mogadishu which once used to be the pride of Africa, but now the
humility of Africa.

The entire family of Somali journalists is sending their heartfelt
condolence to the sudden death of late Barqad Awale Adan who was their
colleague, and are saying my God rest his soul in eternal peace amen.

Al-Shabab has on Monday declared battle against the African Union troops
on the ground and the fragile Somali government which controls a few
blocks in the city, and since the that announcement made by the Al-Shabab
spokesman there were clashes in Mogadishu from dawn to dusk beside this
ongoing clashes there was a suicide attack in hotel where there were top
government officials Members of parliament and this suicide attack so far
7 MPs have died.

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