Thursday, 5 August 2010

Re: [creative-radio] Question concerning unlicensed radio


Sorry for the delay in replying. Many thanks for your replies, Vickram
and Robert!
Best wishes,

On 06/19/2010 05:48 PM, wrote:
> Peter, take a look at This is a global
> compilation of information, news and links to official policy documents
> related to unlicensed radio.
> The emphasis is on radio communications legally exempted from licensing
> - and on arguments for delicensing much more of the spectrum. But especially
> on the individual country pages, there are also reports about radio
> piracy in places like Hong Kong, Canary Islands, etc.
> Hong Kong is a particularly interesting case because there important
> parts of the broadcasting law were declared unconstitutional when a
> pirate radio station ("Citizens' Radio") took the government to court
> for shutting them down, and the station won. (The law was held to infringe
> on constitutionally guaranteed free speech rights by granting excessive
> and arbitrary powers to the regulator of broadcasting.)
> Unlicensed stations CAN cause interference, but such cases are rare -
> and usually due to technical incompetence or ignorance rather than malice.
> The real reason they are suppressed is because they present a challenge
> to state authority and compete with licensed stations for audience.
> But the risk of interference is real enough that going online with
> an audio program stream is a much better alternative for the programmer,
> the audience and the government. Someday the problem of unwanted interference
> in radio will be solved by smarter, more robust equipment. Then we
> won't need governments to strictly control our use of radio. The problem
> is that accepting - and relying on - government control of radio actually
> delays the development of equipment that doesn't need such strict regulation.
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> Subject: [creative-radio] Question concerning unlicensed radio
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>> Dear list,
>> (I hope it's okay to ask a question on this list, please
>> excuse if not.)
>> I am looking for sources of online information concerning
>> the use of
>> unlicensed fm transmitters (sometimes called "pirates")...

-> Peter O'Doherty

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