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[creative-radio] Fighting FTAs radio interview series


* Fighting FTAs radio interview series

Listen to a series of interviews produced for, a contemporary
audio review on the international state of free trade policy, focusing on
regional and bilateral trade accords and their impacts on the environment,
people, economies around the world.

This interview series features rare voices of progressive political analysts,
labour organizers, independent journalists and grassroots people's movements
from around the world, who offer critical views on the present-day currents of
corporate and state driven 'free trade' policy in the twenty first century,
produced by journalist Stefan Christoff for

* E.U.-drive free trade economics in Africa
Interview with Kiama Kaara IBON Foundation Africa

Listen to an interview with Kiama Kaara on the current E.U.-driven push towards
bilateral and regional trade accords in Africa, specifically focusing on the
perspectives of social movements in Africa to the terms of trade and economic
policy written into the wave of E.U. trade agreements pending throughout
Africa. Beyond examining the current critiques in African civil-society towards
the push towards bilateral trade agreements in 2010 this interview also
addresses the relationship between contemporary European trade policy in Africa
as related to the echo of colonialism in the past century.

---> download/listen to interview at bilaterals :

* European trade neocolonialism in Caribbean
Interview with Norman Girvan professorial research fellow of International
Relations at the University of the West Indies in St. Augustine, Trinidad and

Listen to an interview with Norman Girvan author and professor at the
University of the West Indies in St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, who speaks
critically on the E.U.-driven economic partnership agreement with Caribbean
countries known as the CARIFORUM, an agreement pushed by E.U. trade negotiators
after the dissolution of the WTO negotiations in Cancun, Mexico. In this
interview Girvan offers perspectives on the relationship between current
European trade policy in the Caribbean and European legacy of colonization in
the region, offering perspectives on colonial echoes seen today in European
trade policy in the Caribbean.

---> download/listen to interview at bilaterals :

* Reflections on Taiwan-China bilateral accord
Interview with Hungying Chen of the Asian Regional Exchange for New
Alternatives (ARENA)

Taiwan's parliament approved a historic Economic Co-operation Framework
Agreement (ECFA) with China in August 2010, removing tariffs on hundreds of
products while sparking major street protests in Taiwan in opposition to the
accord. Critiques in Taiwan directed at the bilateral trade agreement with
China range from a opposition rooted in powerful nationalist political parties
in Taiwan to an opposition that points to potentially damaging impacts of the
trade accord on environmental and labour standards in Taiwan.

In an interview for Hungying Chen with Asian Regional Exchange
for New Alternatives (ARENA) outlines a critical perspective on the ongoing
political debate in Taiwan concerning the bilateral accord with China while
offering an analysis outlining a broader Asian and global regional context to
the bilateral agreement between China and Taiwan.

---> download/listen to interview at bilaterals :

* all interviews produced by journalist & community activist Stefan Christoff
for you can find Stefan @


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