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[creative-radio] PrisonAct) The VOICE Call - Urgent, ALARM! from our threatened activist - Mbolo Yufanyi fights against his arrest warrant + Video doku


PrisonAct) The VOICE Call - Urgent, ALARM! from our threatened activist -
Mbolo Yufanyi fights against his arrest warrant + Video doku

New developments and Update concerning the arrest warrant:
Please join to protest by writing and spreading the fax campaign and
support us to stop the continous intimidation of Mbolo without further
threat of imprisonment.

Dear friends and comrades, this is a message from our threatened activist
Mbolo Yufanyi.

"On the 14th of December, I was visited by the court Bailiff Johann Jöns
of the district court of Berlin Neukölln. He told me that the next visit
he will make to me will be with the Police and this time, it will be to
arrest me. He threatened me that this could also happen even on Christmas

ALARM. Protest Rally and Vigil: When? Day X (day of my arrest).

Where? Where I will be brought to. The prison where I will be brought to,
be it in Berlin or elsewhere. You will be informed by us when that

„I stay by my words. I will not pay for my daughter being taken away from
me by Germany"

Mbolo Yufanyi.


Our Community is under threat - Mbolo Yufanyi needs your Solidarity!
The VOICE Refugee Forum in Germany:

As we all have been promptly informed by the above mail from Mbolo Yufanyi
and previous releases from The VOICE Refugee Forum, we should really
reckon that he now faces the prospect of being arrested at any time from
now on. We should therefore be prepared to stage a series of actions as
soon as they carry out their threat. Good that we have been warned so we
should be ready to act should anything happen to him. Others should see
how they can support our solidarity call and the demands of Mbolo Yufanyi.

We, activists of The VOICE Refugee Forum are in Solidarity with Mbolo
Yufanyi's demands to protest with him against every threat of his arrest
and imprisonment and we are against the racist decision by the district
court of Goettingen and the regional court of Braunschweig to separate him
from his daughter since 2007. The arrest and imprisonment of Mbolo is also
a threat to the harmonies in our international communities and families in
Germany and this has been and is still the goal of Mbolo's fight, to keep
these Communities together. Many of us have been separated from our
beloved ones and Mbolo Yufanyi is the first to carry out the disobedience
of a racist court decision, against the backdrop of facing jail terms.
This is a test for our different Communities.

What we stand to gain!
We will fight and campaign to open the German prison gates to free the
victims of racist imprisonments in Germany.

Mbolo will resist the arrest and we join his call to protest and fight for
his freedom if arrested, and also for the freedom of all victims of racist
imprisonment and against the racial profiling of the German authorities.
If they touch Mbolo, they touch us all.

We call on all activists, friends, progressive men and women and groups to
join us in our protest to denounce the ongoing threats of racist arrest
and imprisonment of one of our leading activists.

We are in consultation with his lawyer and we shall be keeping you abreast
with any new developments regarding this situation.

Please spread this information as wide as possible and ask your friends
and colleagues to join us and fight for Mbolo Yufanyi's right to freedom
and to be a father to his daughter whom he has not seen regularly for
years now. His daughter and present family need him.

Please join to protest by writing and spreading the fax campaign and
support us stop the continous intimitation of Mbolo without further threat
of imprisonment.

We protest the Racist elements of the court case and decisions of 2007
that took away the „Sorgerecht" as a father from Mbolo Yufanyi.

Osaren Igbinoba
The VOICE Refugee Forum in Germany

Threats of imprisonments against Mbolo Yufanyi
Warrant of arrest for a Black father and activist who wants to be a father
for his daughter, but who is not allowed to.
From "Residenzpflicht – Movement Restriction" to child deprivation.
Since June 2010, another warrant of arrest has been issued against Yufanyi
Movuh Mbolo: „While Sarrazin (German racist politician) talks, the German
state acts"!

FaxKampagne/Campaign: Mbolo Yufanyi: Sample Letter
Musterbrief in (German)

*A VIDEO Doku-Interview The black child in Germany - New developments
concerning the arrest warrant against a black father and activist

(Eng., Deutsch) Press release: Warrant of arrest and Imprisonment for
Cornelius Yufanyi.

Concerning the arrest warrant

New developments concerning the arrest warrant against a black father and
activist who wants to be a father for his daughter, but is not allowed to.

After several protests against the arrest of the black father and activist
took place, the arrest warrant, which was issued against him in 2007, was
transferred further to another bailiff. The court executor (JVHS a. GV)
Mr. Johann Jöns has summoned Mr. Yufanyi Movuh Mbolo for the 02/12/2010 in
order to enforce a statutory declaration, this time without giving his
official email address or fax number. The reason is probably to avoid
further electronic protests and fax campaigns. The court executor is in
possession of a warrant if Mr. Yufanyi Movuh does not appear on the above

Mr. Yufanyi Movuh will not go to the appointment of the new court executor
and will continue to protest against the racist decisions of the District
Court of Göttingen and Braunschweig Higher Regional Court. The two courts
withdrew the right to custody of his daughter Anna Nulia Yufanyi Movuh
Nkume from him. The decision was based on a claim (also based on a racist
stereotype) of his White German ex-wife, Kerstin Gierth, who claims that
Mr. Yufanyi wanted to kidnap his daughter and take her with him to his
native country Cameroon (in spite of his studies and residence here in

Mr. Yufanyi has instructed a lawyer in Berlin, to fight for the rights of
his daughter. Nevertheless, his warrant of arrest still stands as a result
of his refusal to pay the legal fees of his ex-wife.

To continue the support of Mr. Yufanyi Movuh, we now focus our protest
faxes and emails to the President of the District Court of Neukölln:
Wolfgang Schollmeier.

We thank all those who have protested against the arrest of the activists
Yufanyi Movuh. The protest has been effective – that is why he is not in
prison. We ask for further support of Mr. Yufanyi Movuh's father-daughter
campaign for his rights and the rights of his daughter.

Because we defend the rights of Mr. Yufanyi as a father, we call on all to
send mails and faxes to the executing officer, JVHS a. GV Johann Jöns, to
protest against the arrest of Yufanyi Movuh Mbolo.

Please send protest faxes and emails to:
the President of the District Court of Neukölln: Wolfgang Schollmeier with
a copy of the fax to:, The VOICE Berlin.

Sample Letter

The President of the District Court Neukölln
Karl-Marx-Straße 77-79
12043 Berlin
Phone: 030 / 90191-0
Fax: 030 / 90191-122

E-mail: poststelle@secuted by one of your court executors, Mr. Johann
Jöns, who has already summoned Mr. Yufanyi Movuh for the 02/12/2010, with
the aim of forcing an affidavit for Mr. Yufanyi Movuh.

I / we find it unacceptable that not only the custody of Mr. Yufanyi for
his daughter has been withdrawn, but also he is punished for not accepting
the racist decision of the District Court and the Court of Appeal. For
more than three years, his daughter has had little contact with him and
since July 2007 the mother of Mr. Yufanyi's daughter violated all
regulations of both courts by staying over two years in Mexico and now,
after her return, she does not want that he stays in real contact with his
daughter and that he assumes responsibility. The right of the child to
have contacts to both parents is clearly violated here, although the court
claims to have decided in the best interests of the child. Mr. Yufanyi was
granted a one day per week "right to visit" from his daughter. Since three
years, this possibility is undermined by the mother. He has already
instructed a lawyer from Berlin to fight for the rights of his daughter.
Nevertheless, he is being threatened with an arrest warrant for the
refusal to accept lawyer fees of his ex-wife.

I / we stand behind Mr. Yufanyi's decision. For the possibility to take
responsibilities as a father and to protect his daughter's right to have a
father, both need the opportunity to see each other whenever they want. As
a father, Mr. Yufanyi is an important person and reference for Anna Nulia
Yufanyi Movuh to convey to her the African part of her identity.

It is only logical, that Mr. Yufanyi cannot pay the costs of a trial that
denied these rights to him and his daughter.

If Mr. Yufanyi is arrested, I / we will do everything politically possible
to maintain his right as a father and the right of his daughter.

Therefore, I / we ask you not to allow the warrant of arrest under your
jurisdiction to be implemented and rather to advocate for its repeal and
for the rights of Mr. Yufanyi and his daughter.

Yours sincerely,

*A VIDEO Doku-Interview (The black child in Germany - by Mbolo Yufanyi in
Deutsch and English:

Anna Nulia Nkume Yufanyi Movuh ist 9 Jahre alt. Mit der Trennung von ihrem
schwarzen Vater und ihrer weissen Mutter entbrannte ein Sorgerechtsstreit,
in dessen Folge ihr Vater nun ins Gefängnis soll.
*Anna Nulia Nkume Yufanyi Movuh is 9 years old. After the separation of
her black Cameroonian father and white German mother, a heated custody
battle started. As a result her father is now threatened with a jail

The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena
Adresse: Schillergässchen 5, 07745 Jena
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Fax: 03641 / 42 02 70,
Gegründet: 1994, Arbeitsweise: Kampagnen,Aktionen, Vernetzung.
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