Tuesday, 15 March 2011

[creative-radio] Fw: Accent of Women 15 March 2011


Dear friends and colleagues,

Also available on the 3CR site are podcasts of the last few shows - I'm afraid I've been away and not sending out the usual updates. The most recent show, prior to this one, was an IWD special, where we spoke to a woman from the Pacific about women with disabilities, and an upcoming conference, to a woman from Libya about the struggles there and had a discussion about the internet, gender and censorship.

I hope you enjoy!

All the best,

Dear all,

This week on Accent of Women, the show consisted of:

Topic: Revolution: Women talk about their hopes for the Middle East

Guests: Various, recorded at a rally for Libya

Produced by: Sonia Randhawa

Music by: Skunk Anansie

While Arab women have been at the forefront of the revolutions,
feminists are worried they'll be left behind when it comes to shaping
the new nations. Sonia Randhawa speaks with three activists on their
hopes for the future of the Middle East and North Africa.

of Women is a show produced by and about women from culturally and
linguistically diverse backgrounds at 3CR Community Radio in Melbourne.

We air in Melbourne on 3CR- 855AM on Tuesdays at 8.30pm and repeat on the following Tuesdays at 6.30pm.

Accent of Women goes out nationally at 1.32pm every Tuesday afternoon, EST, on the Community Radio Satellite.

you're a community station not currently subscribed to Accent of Women,
and would like to subscribe, please do so via the Community Radio
Network's DDN server.

If you have any comments or suggestions
on the show, please contact the producers of Accent of Women on this
email address. The show is also podcast at

Thanks for your support,

Hsin-Yi Lo
Sonia Randhawa
Meena Vannitamby


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