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[creative-radio] Voices on Climate Justice | radio reports.


* Voices on Climate Justice interview series

Audio reports on struggles for environmental justice, produced for broadcast on
campus/community radio stations globally, featuring voices from around the
world engaged in front-line struggles for climate justice.

In this series of audio interviews we hear from a diverse array of voices, from
voices involved in the Cochabamba climate justice mobilization in 2010, to
activists involved in indigenous land struggles in Canada, to critiques on
corporate-driven geoengineering projects and accounts on the current
mobilization in Durban, South Africa in opposition to the upcoming UN climate

Please download/listen to these interviews produced in Montreal for broadcast
on community radio stations globally by journalist and community activist
Stefan Christoff.

* Voices on Climate Justice I
Ben Powless of the Indigenous Environmental Network on growing resistance to
the tar sands in Alberta.

In this segment of Voices on Climate Justice we hear from Ben Powless, Mohawk
activist from Six Nations working with the Indigenous Environmental Network.
Powless speaks on the struggle of indigenous communities against the
environmentally destructive, corporate-driven tar sands industry in Alberta.
Powless details the environmental impacts of ongoing tar sands extraction in
Alberta and the impacts on indigenous communities, like Fort Chipewyan,
downstream from massive tar sands production along the Athabasca River, a
community facing alarming cancer rates tied in multiple medical studies to
pollutants stemming from tar sands production.

* Voices on Climate Justice II
Patrick Bond on climate justice and protests against the UN climate summit

In this segment we will hear an interview with Patrick Bond of the Centre for
Civil Society (CCS) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa.
Bond speaks on the activist convergence, rooted in a climate justice analysis,
aiming to confront the upcoming UN climate summit taking place in Durban, South
Africa, between November 28th & December 9th. In this interview Bond details
the mobilization efforts in South Africa lead-by activists and community
organizers from communities directly impacted by climate change both in South
Africa and globally.

* Voices on Climate Justice III
Diana Bronson outlining the global environmental threat represented by

In this segment we will hear from Diana Bronson from the ETC Group (Action
Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration), speaking on the growing global
focus and environmental threat of geoengineering. Bronson focuses on growing
corporate involvement in geoengineering projects to push ocean fertilization
and chemical-driven modification to alter the upper layers of the atmosphere,
stratospheric aerosols, as 'solutions' to climate change.

* Voices on Climate Justice IV
Elizabeth Peredo via Foundation Solon in Bolivia on climate justice.

In this segment we will hear from Elizabeth Peredo, director of the Foundation
Solon in La Paz, Bolivia. Peredo speaks on the celebrated Cochabamba
international climate justice conference in 2010 that mobilized environmental
activists from across the globe to focus on building a global movement for
climate justice. In this interview Peredo offers reflections on ecological debt
as linked to north/south relations while outlining an anti colonial critique on
environmental struggles globally.

* Voices on Climate Justice V
Ellen Gabriel on the indigenous struggle in Kanesatake against corporate

In this segment we will hear an interview with Ellen Gabriel, Mohawk activist
from Kanesatake speaking on the current attempts via Niocan Inc. to set-up
niobium mine on traditional Mohawk lands, just minutes up the road from the
location for the historic 1990 stand-off between Mohawk warriors and the
Canadian military known as the 'Oka crisis'. Gabriel focuses on the rights of
indigenous people to traditional lands within both Canadian and international
law within the context of the current struggle against the opening of a
corporate mine on Mohawk lands.

* Voices on Climate Justice VI
Judy Rebick reflecting on climate justice.

In this segment we will hear an interview with Judy Rebick, founder of, author and long time social justice activist in Canada who speaks on
the central importance of climate justice to activism internationally. Rebick
focuses on the inspiration of the Bolivia-driven alternative climate justice
organizing process to the top-down UN climate change summits and the urgent
need for action on climate change. Also addressed in this interview is an
analysis on the contemporary reality in Canada, both the record of the Harper
Conservative government on the environment and the need to address with the
realities of indigenous lands rights in relation to environmental struggles in

* Music featured on the Voices on Climate Justice reports is "Tiger Funk" by
Moonstarr feat. LAL via Public Transit Records:

* Voices on Climate Justice interview series was recorded at Cochabamba +1
environmental justice conference in Montreal and is produced by community
organizer and journalist Stefan Christoff


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