Thursday, 28 July 2011

[creative-radio] Refugee Isolation Camp Visit and support in Thueringen
Open Meeting of Nord Thueringen Refugee Community will take in Nordhausen
on the 03.08.2011

Refugee Communities from Felchta/Mühlhausen in Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis,
Gernrode/Breitenworbis in Landkreis Eichsfeld, Rockensußra/ Sondershausen
im Landkreis Kyffhäuserkreis and Landkreis Nordhausen.

Refugee community development in Nord Thueringen and The Solidarity
Campaign to "Close down the Refugee Isolation camp" in

Residenzpflicht in Thüringen - Bis zur Kreisstadt und dann stopp!​ode/2191 (Taz press)

Refugee activists from Jena, Apolda, Zella-Mehlis, Erfurt and Eisenach
will be participating with activists of The VOICE Refugee Community and
the Break Isolation Campaign Network in Thueringen.

For more Information: Please contact, Tel. 0176 234568988 (The VOICE
Refugee Forum)

Refugee Lager Visit and support in Thueringen
Break isolation of refugees from the lagers

More drivers, cars and (media-)activists needed: Call for support of
refugee network in Thüringen

We are currently building up broader and stronger networks of refugees in
Thüringen. For this, we frequently visit lagers, organize info-events and
conferences. Besides the lack of money, we urgently need drivers who can
take the activists from Jena, Zella-Mehlis, Apolda, Erfurt, Weimar,
Waltershausen and Felchta to the different lagers or events. If you need
more information from Thueringen, please get in touch with us:

If you have free time for some days or weeks in summer and you want to
take part and to join in supporting our daily struggles in Thueringen:
From our growing spirit of resistance against isolation in refugee lagers
we are calling on activists and supporters to feel free to come over here
and to drive with the activists to refugee lagers. Media activists are
welcome as part of our documentation program. If you are from outside
Jena/Thüringen, we can provide a free apartment (flat) from middle of
August until October in Jena.

We are organised with refugees in the lagers for public events and
community exchange. We have continued our visits to lagers for exchange
program and documentation of the refugee communities here on regular
basis, these will be highlighted during the meetings of all the refugee
lager delegates in Thueringen in the month of September this year before
the refugee demonstration on the 22nd of October, in Erfurt.

Break the isolation of the refugees - close down the lagers!

The VOICE Refugee Forum
Jena – Thüringen – Berlin – Göttingen – Baden-Württemberg – Sachsen-Anhalt
founded 1994 in the Refugee Isolation Camp Mühlhausen /Thüringen
Member in the CARAVAN for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants

What does The VOICE continuously stand for?

Reclaim the Agenda - Break isolation of refugees from the lagers:

Years of experience in the struggle against social exclusion of refugees
in isolation camps – numerous campaigns for the closure of isolationcamps
– successful closure of refugee Isolation camps in Germany

Fight against deportation:
Publicity – campaigns for single persons – support of single persons –
campaign against the collaboration of embassys in deportation hearings –
scandalizing of deportation as racism and human rights' abuse

Fight for abolition of residential obligation (Residenzpflicht)
Campaigns – demonstrations – civil disobedience - legal struggles

Awareness campaigns:
Racism – exclusion – discrimination – isolation - colonialism – colonial
injustice – criminalisation – persecution of refugees in their home
countries and here in Germany

Public Political Protest:
Rallyes, tours, demonstration, internetactivism

Selforganisation of refugees:
Meetings for networking - lager delegations – press work – support of
refugees in their struggles for their rights – community exchange – online
network news – support of infrastructure and means of communication-

Promotion and support of selforganisation Germany-wide: Thüringen,
Sachsen-Anhalt, Baden-Württemberg, Niedersachsen, Bayern ...

Help to overcome social isolation with personal support and delegations to
refugee lagers

We need your support!

Förderverein The VOICE e.V.
Konto: 127829
BLZ: 26050001
Sparkasse Göttingen

The VOICE Refugee Forum
Schillergäßchen 5
07745 Jena

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