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[creative-radio] New in Paperback - The Power of Global Community Media


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*New in Paperback* - 31 January 2012

*The Power of Global Community Media
Edited by Linda K. Fuller*
***With new and updated material.

Drawing on both theoretical and practical case studies, Community Media
moves from developing attempts at local media to case studies and on to
cyber-examples. Alphabetically, its more than two dozen cases include
reports on the Asian Pacific region, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium,
Brazil, Ghana, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Latin America, Lebanon,
Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the
United States, as well as a number of other perspectives and (virtual)
visions. The contributors, all distinguished international
communications scholars, present a range of perspectives on the
ever-burgeoning area of grassroots, local media by the people, for the
people, their research representing participant observation, hands-on
community involvement, serving on international boards of directors,
content analysis, and ethical inquiries. It will appeal to a range of
academic disciplines, community media groups, and the thousands of
people who work in their local cable television centers to provide an
alternative voice to mainstream media.

'/For years, Fuller has been researching community media. Her collection
of studies in Community Media draws on top researchers from across the
globe to present cutting-edge analyses of what various communities and
activists are doing with a wide range of community media. The collection
is a valuable research tool that will be of use to all of us involved in
community media and social change/.' - Douglas Kellner, Graduate School
of Education and Information Studies, UCLA

*Table of contents*

Introduction; L.Fuller
Australia: Remote Beginnings, Metropolitan Developments: Community and
Indigenous Television in Australia; E.Rennie
Canada: (Re)Colouring the Public Broadcasting System in Canada: A Case
Study of the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network; L.Roth
Latin America: Call Me Impure: Myths and Paradigms of Participatory
Communication, With a Focus on Latin America; A.Dagron
Native Americans: Media as Constructor of Ethnic Minority Identity: A
Native American Case Study; R.Levo-Henriksson
Bangladesh: Use of TV by Farmers in Bangladesh; M.Kashem & M.Hossain
Ghana: Implications of Globalization for Community Broadcasting in
Ghana; K.Ansu-Kyeremeh
India: Community Radio in India: Some Critical Issues; S.Chaudhary &
Ireland: Digital Daze: Community TV in Ireland and the Broadcasting Act
of 2001; M.Gillan
Israel: Voz Populi or Lonely Voices in the Wasteland of the Ionosphere:
Community Television and Its Future - The Israeli Case; H.Nossek
Singapore: Top-Down Community Media: A Participant Observation from
Singapore; L.Fuller
Turkey: A Civic Adventure in Turkey: Creation and Evolution of TOSAM and
the 'Radio Democracy' Project; D.Ergil
Cyberdating: The Architecture of Cyberdating: Personal Advertisement
Photography and the Unworking of Community; E.Freedman The Netherlands,
The People's Communication Charter: Global Communication and People's
Rights; C.Hamelink
Living Tolerance: Public Access Producers and the Practices of 'Free
Speech'; J.Higgins
Theories of Community Media: Multi-theoretical Approaches to Community
Media: Capturing Specificity and Diversity; N.Carpentier Virtual
Communities: Conceptualizing Community: Implications for Policymaking in
a Cyberage; C.Stewart & M.Pileggi

LINDA K. FULLER Professor in Communications at Worcester State
University and currently a Senior Fellow at Northeastern University, USA.

£17.99, Paperback, 9780230338326, 272 pages

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