Tuesday, 8 May 2012

[creative-radio] Jan Wong: Workplace Depression, video tapes, a secret psychiatrist and a new book called "Out of the Blue"


The Globe and Mail fires a journalist suffering from depression after
Manulife Insurance secretly videotapes her and has a secret psychiatrist
declare her not ill.
*Jan Wong: Workplace Depression*

A much-honoured reporter with *The Globe and Mail *for more than 20 years, *Jan
Wong *incurred the anger of management, suffered a breakdown and the agony
of clinical depression and eventually was fired.

In the midst of her depression, she couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, could
barely converse with friends. She eventually pulled out of it, and has
written about her experience in a new book called *Out of the Blue*.

Jan Wong talks with Michael about a little-acknowledged condition:
workplace depression.

*Was Canada's "Globe and Mail" "MIA" with Jan Wong? *
"...Jan Wong is an award winning newspaper reporter and author, who was, at
one time, the Beijing bureau chief for the Globe and Mail and one of the
most prominent feature writers Canada has ever produced. ... Jan went
through a complete nervous breakdown. The Human Resources department at the
newspaper cut off her benefits and sick leave after six weeks. (Her union
contract stipulates that workers are eligible for six months sick leave).
Jan was ordered back to work but felt it was too soon as she was unable to
write and had a medical certificate so stating. When she failed to show up
in the newsroom as required, she was fired in 2006...The Globe has been a
great employer when it comes to handling reporters in war zones and other
stressful situations. Jan Wong clearly underwent a clinical depression
caused by job-related post-traumatic stress disorder. If she has been in
Iraq or Syria or Sierra Leone, the Globe would have had no hesitation about
giving her or any war correspondent the necessary support and care. ....
It's not too late for the Globe to acknowledge the nature of workplace
depression wherever it occurs. A good starting point would be to ask Ed
Greenspon to review Jan's book. ..."
"....This is the kind of country we live in. The Globe and Mail fires a
journalist suffering from depression after Manulife Insurance secretly
videotapes her and has a secret psychiatrist declare her not ill.
Thankfully in finally settling with Manulife (after the lawsuit needless to
say) she arranged to have excerpts from the surveillance videos posted to
You tube - though only for six months..."
Published on May 5, 2012 by writerwong*
These are excerpts from secret videos commissioned by Manulife Financial
that resulted in the Globe and Mail firing me in the middle of a major
clinical depression. For more than 20 years, I worked as a staff reporter
at the Globe. When I suddenly fell ill with clinical depression, the Globe
didn't believe me. Manulife, the insurer, hired Garda, an international
security company, to surreptitiously follow and videotape me. Manulife
showed the tapes to its consulting psychiatrist, who ruled I wasn't
depressed. Read more in my new memoir, Out of the Blue.

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