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Re: [creative-radio] What if...


I'd really like to know which part of Creative-Radio's mandate ("use of radio in development, in particular promoting public health, improved education, protection of the environment, improved livelihoods, good governance and conflict mitigation") this particular brand of whacko theology addresses.

Not that I want to hurt anyone's religious sensibilities, but if the
Creator can truly warn us about disasters "via our dreams or visions",
maybe He could prevent the disasters altogether and save us the trouble of seeing visions and dreaming dreams.

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On 10 May 2012 01:21, Onarosopher <> wrote:

> What if?
> This file
> What if are words which precede many millions of scenarios in which we try
> to project future results. Broadcast media and press are familiar with it
> primarily as fictional or positional conjecture, even to use in comic books
> and other creative venues. What if scenarios vary from `what if war was
> declared and no one came' to `what if I don't get the marks I need to
> pass'? In those examples we address constructive failure to destructive
> failure as potential results. More concerning is the number of what ifs
> that directly concern our future, yet are not fully answered, taken
> seriously or reasoned to logical or useful conclusions.
> Let me give you another example. What if no one acted in advance of a
> foreseen disaster? Then the disaster occurred and tens of thousands of
> people died because no one took the warning as being valid. The statement
> wasn't given to alarm anyone. Why do people hear warnings and then not act
> on them? Is it that we have been conditioned to disbelieve that foresight
> is possible by atheists and other ignorant disbelievers who want to see
> people harmed or suffer?
> There is a constant Source of such help, our dreams, and in most of the
> world's major faiths we know the Creator speaks to humanity via our dreams
> or visions, but it is ignored by 99% of people, and even those who use it
> constructively only do so part of the time. Too often we fear what we don't
> know, however just knowing the messaging of our dreams and visions is the
> Creator speaking in support of life gives us an option to put aside most of
> our fears. The needed answers are not given to us in absolutes, plus
> there's the ever-present problem that few people make an effort to recall
> and record their dreams. When anyone does and verbalizes them there are
> numerous loud, addled or illogical opinions provided to cloud the
> possibility of good answers. Good answers are not a function of how much
> education you have, in fact it seems many of the best educated are impaired
> from finding meaning due to disbelieving influences who taught them.
> Religion which herds a belief invariably diverges far from relevant
> understanding. Foresight is not logical yet it is reasonable.

> Yes the English press in Japan was notified after the last big tsunami.
> Not a peep from them. and
> A disaster which was foreseen, but no one acted on the cautions their
> dreams provided.
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