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[creative-radio] AMARC Empowering Women Community Radio Broadcasters of Nepal


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Subject: [Asiapacific-general] AMARC Empowering Women Community Radio
Broadcasters of Nepal

*AMARC Empowering Women Community Radio Broadcasters of Nepal*

** **

*July 16 2012, Kathmandu.* World Association of Community Radio
Broadcasters (AMARC Asia Pacific) has successfully implemented an
integrated program for strengthening production and networking capacity of
women community broadcasters in Nepal. It covered women broadcasters from
50 community radio stations. A follow up training workshop and networking
meeting was held in Pokhara from 10-11 July 2012 as a concluding activity
of the program.****

** **

The empowerment program was launched in August 2011 in partnership with
Association of Community Radio Broadcasters of Nepal (ACORAB). Participants
of the program have learnt to strengthen their networks to advocate for
equal access to the airwaves and to promote women's participation at all
levels of decision making in community radios. It has also increased their
capacity for field and studio based production skills, researching and
interviewing, using computer based technology for production, and working
on specific and local thematic areas of coverage. The program consisted of
capacity building workshops, individual mentoring for the participants,
exposure to AMARC's global broadcasting campaigns, opportunities for
participation in regional workshops, and strategising for network building.*

** **

Through gender sensitive programming, giving voice to women of the
community, and to the civil society and human rights organisations, the
program has made significant contribution towards empowering radio
audiences, especially women audiences and in promoting media plurality.****

** **

Participants of the Empowering Women Community Radio Broadcasters program
have joined the Women's International Network of community broadcasters to
learn and to contribute to the global movement to empower women through
community radios.****

** **

"The training has imparted additional skills, new perspective and
approaches towards issues that will help us improve our daily radio
programmes," said Ambika Rana of Himchuli FM, Pokhara in the concluding
meeting. "It has taught me research and interview skills, editing and
mixing, which will greatly aid in preparing good radio programs" said Rupa
Basnet of Radio Galkot of West Nepal. "The program has strengthened me not
only as a broadcaster but as a woman and increased my capacity to assert my
rightful place in the society and to contribute for the development of
fellow women community members," said Yam Kumari KC of Radio Myagdi.****

** **

In his concluding observations, Ashish Sen, President of AMARC Asia Pacific
has said that "the program for Empowering Women Community Radio
Broadcasters of Nepal is part of AMARC's commitment for strengthening the
position of women community broadcasters throughout the Asia Pacific
region. AMARC will continue to organise creative platforms for community
broadcasters to learn new ideas and technology, strengthen their capacity
to produce and share in order to make meaningful and relevant contributions
to their respective communities."****

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** **

AMARC is an international non-governmental organization serving the
community radio movement in over 110 countries, and advocating for the
right to communicate at the international, national, local and neighborhood
levels. AMARC has an International Secretariat in Montreal. It has regional
sections in Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific. For more information,
please contact Suman Basnet, Regional Coordinator for Asia-Pacific, or visit ****

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_________________ ****

Suman Basnet****

Regional Coordinator****

AMARC Asia Pacific****

Kathmandu, Nepal**** ****

mobile phone: +977 9851023499 ****

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