Saturday, 1 December 2012

People's Power Collective community radio development in India

Empowering rural and isolated communities through community radio development in India

Our vision is to help isolated and/or economically disadvantaged communities set up and run participatory, not-for-profit, sustainable broadcast media, i.e. community radio, as a tool for social and cultural unification, self-development, empowerment and positive social change.

Working with these communities, we will focus on their needs and by raising awareness, training & capacity building and overall support, demonstrate how the simple medium of radio, can help fulfill these needs. We will further promote universal development goals in gender equality, public health, the right to education, right to information, welfare and employment and will operate on the basic principles of cooperation, open participation and innovation.


  • Prove that community radio will have a high social impact with returns, both social and financial
  • Be a part of a 'Community Radio Movement' in India and beyond, establishing how the sector can grow rapidly, to impact wide-spread, positive, social change
  • Promote open participation, collaboration and innovation in the community radio sector within India and with the broader international community

People's Power Collective

People's P.ow.e.r [Participatory OWnership Empowerment Radio] Collective supports not for profit, participatory, community owned and managed radio i.e. community radio for empowerment and positive social change; we help communities create their own media landscape addressing thier own lives, livelihood, entertainment and culture; we believe the answers lie within and we believe in the power of this, the simplest of mediums - RADIO to give back to community, its voice...