Saturday, 5 January 2013

@HindenburgNews #hindy cheap production tools to make radio accessible

@HindenburgNews #hindy cheap production tools to make radio accessible
We believe that radio is the most effective and democratic media in
developing countries.
Radio empowers local people through information, education and skills even
in the most impoverished and isolated areas.
Hindenburg was originally founded to create intuitive and cheap production
tools to make radio accessible.
We therefore offer community stations in developing countries our free
radio editor and NGO's discounts on all our products.
Hindenburg NGO is a basic editor available free to grass-roots initiatives
in developing nations like rural community radio stations and youth
training initiates.
Hindenburg NGO provides radio journalists with basic intuitive editing
tools, that people with even the most basic education can use to express
themselves through radio.
Hindenburg products are created to run on low-powered machines with
limited hard-disc space.
Approved organizations can install unlimited copies of Hindenburg Basic
within the approved organization.
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