Thursday, 14 February 2013

Computer Programs now available for donation to Canadian nonprofit organizations

Adobe, Symantec and 16 other donor partners open eligibility to nonprofits

At TechSoup Canada, we believe that nonprofit organizations in Canada (registered charities or not) are changing the world every day. Making access to donated software available to the nonprofit sector as a whole has been a goal of ours since our launch in 2009.

We're excited to announce that we've now expanded the eligibility requirements for many of our programs that were previously unavailable to nonprofit organizations.

Programs now available for donation to nonprofit organizations are:

These donors join Microsoft, Intuit, Sumac, Sage and GrantStation which have already been available to nonprofit organizations.

Please note that eligibility requirements are different for each of our donor partners, so while the expansion has now opened up eligibility to the nonprofit sector, your organization may or may not qualify for specific programs based on the criteria set out by our donors. To find out more about your eligibility for our donation programs, please visit