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[creative-radio] AMARC 30th Anniversary consultation

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Date: 9 July 2013 13:18
Subject: [Stubblefield] AMARC 30th Anniversary consultation

Dear North American members,

AMARC is celebrating its 30th anniversary this August 15, 2015.

Please visit

Also my website for information on this event
and other
North American Region projects in our region.

Enclosed is an open letter to the membership inviting you to participate in the
discussion and drafting of a proposal to become an official region of AMARC to
be presented to the international board for approval to be included for
discussion at the AMARC 11.

Sylvia Richardson
Ph.D. Student, Arts Education, Simon Fraser University
AMARC, member of the International board. VP from North America
Producer & Host: Latin Waves,
listen online:
"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can
hear her breathing."
Arundhati Roy

*AMARC North America, *
*Articulating our Vision(s) for a Formalized Region*
July 8, 2013****
Dear North American members,****
Join us in Montreal on August 15, 2013 for AMARC's 30th Anniversary
celebration! A detailed program will soon be uploaded to AMARC's official
web site, visit:****
The event will consists of a one day seminar to celebrate AMARC's
accomplishments as an organization; the challenges and opportunities
ahead. For the North American region this meeting is an invitation to meet
and celebrate and also invite possibilities, as we prepare for AMARC 11.****
The Eleventh World Assembly of Community Radio Broadcasters will be held
from December 1st-5th, 2014 in Accra, Ghana. The Ghana Community radio
Network (GCRN) will host the second Global conference of community
broadcasters to be held in Africa. ****
Becoming a Formalized Region of AMARC ****
North America has yet to become an organized region of AMARC and as a
non-consolidated region updates of events, reports from our region...are
not included in the main site. In an effort to keep members in our region
abreast of events and my work, I created a website: ****
I post events and collaborative projects people may be interested in
Several members from the USA and Canada have requested to meet, to draft a
proposal for North America to become a consolidated region within AMARC
international. Taking advantage of the opportunity to meet in person we
have schedule a meeting in Montreal on August 16th, 2013 to discuss and
articulate a draft proposal to be circulated and submitted to the
International Board by March 2014 for consideration and approval by board,
to be included in the agenda of AMARC 11 for the assembly's consideration.
All are welcome to participate!****
Date: August 16th, 2013****
Location: World House of Community Radio, 2, Ste Catherine St. East****
Time: 9h00 to 16h00 (first floor, meeting room).****

There are many excellent reasons for becoming formally affiliated to
AMARC. Worldwide solidarity to interlinking struggles for water, food, air
sovereignty; central to these struggles is the right to communicate, as a
fundamental human right from which all other rights flow. The benefits
are interlinked with our responsibilities and commitments to social,
political and sustainability support for AMARC's key role in social
development that is non-racist, non-colonial and gender equitative. **** essence North America's statutes for governance, organizing
infrastructure will demonstrate a commitment to sustainability of social,
political and financial support for AMARC's founding principles.****
Why Become a Region?****
The current economic, social and climate crisis highlights the difference
community radio makes in struggles to protect water and food sovereignty
(the right to control our food production and consumption), the response of
radio to climate disasters and the importance of protecting our right to
the airwaves in community radios, as share spaces for diversity, inclusion
and collaboration... Worldwide AMARC has strived to secure the right to
communicate as a fundamental right for human development and works to bring
down the barriers that deny community radios access to the air waves.****
In North America we are not immune to the onslaught of economic injustice,
juridical and institutional maleficence and processes of silencing that
mark the erosion of workers' rights. A silencing that creates a culture of
fear and scapegoats the root causes for the economic crisis on the most
vulnerable populations: the poor, racially discriminated and those
displaced by climate disasters, war and social/economic inequality. In
this culture of fear we see an intensification of violence and threat of
violence against women, the violence against immigrants, peoples of colour
and ongoing displacement of Original Peoples from their ancestral lands.
The destruction of over two hundred species a day as rain forests are
decimated, water, land and air are polluted in the expansion of extractive
industries for coal, oil and gas exploitation. ****
The silencing and marginalization of women's and children's voices; the
silencing of the voices of those who speak for the rights of nature; the
silencing of activists subject to persecution for their dissent against
mammoth pipelines that threaten our food, air and water sovereignty (the
right to clean, safe air, water and food)…are but a few of the reasons why
global solidarity is essential to our collective efforts. ****
We need to recover our collective history of standing up in community media
in defence of a vision of a world with rights and dignity for all
peoples. We have a lot to offer to AMARC and we also have a lot to learn
from community radios in the Africa, Latin America, Asia Pacific and
Europe. Our struggles are interlinked against a crisis of silence in the
face of concentrated media at the service of corporate power. The margins
are created by what and who is silenced… ****
It matters not only that we speak, more importantly it matters who speaks
and for whom.****
Different voices accentuate different things. People may choose to take a
different approach, share a communal vision of coexistence and reciprocity
and replace a corporate run economic and political process. Ideas as
bullet proof and when our communities worldwide become *world wise* to the
knowledge that the economy is political, not a natural or fixed object…
organized action in response can change it. ****
In his book, Propaganda, published in 1928, Edward Bernays wrote: "The
conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions
of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who
manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible
government which is the true ruling power of our country."****
Community radio has a long history of resistance to colonial discourses.
It's not a panacea but it can be an effective vehicle to share ideas, and
experiences (capacities) …to create and share resources towards a world
with dignity for the humans and non-human world. I do not speak of nature
as a destination because it is our home. We depend on the living world
(nature) of which we are a part of. And the necessity to create and
imagine a way to coexist concerns all of us. We are rich in diversity,
ideas and technologies of survival. ****
For Original Peoples a centuries' long history of struggle for justice has
also taught us to survive. *It is important that we do not forget our
response-ability in community media to connect and create possibilities; to
model respect for diversity, commitment to justice and dignity for all
peoples in the air waves.* ****
I think whether our proposal is adopted and we are invited by the assembly
at AMARC 11 to become an organized region, the self-evaluative process will
be of value for our sector. And hope to engage as many voices as possible.
How Do We Become an Organized Region****
There is no mandate at the moment to organize our region, thus there are no
resources allocated to this effort. Several members in AMARC North America
began a conversation about becoming a region and a mandate was issued in
2002. However the process was discontinued in 2006 as competing priorities
in other regions remove North America from the international board's
mandate. ****
Informally, the discussion has continued. As delegates from North America
we met in La Plata, Argentina in 2010 at the AMARC 10 conference and
renewed the discussion. And since then several meetings with members at
regional and national conferences have taken place. ****
Meetings that discussed becoming a region include:****
2011 I met in San Francisco with NFCB conference participants. Then in
August 2011 I met in Kansas City with the Grassroots Conference
participants where a vote to support organizing our region passed
unanimously. In May 28, 2013 I met with members attending the NFCB where
the suggestion to hold a meeting in Montreal in August 2013 to discuss
formulating a draft proposal for the international board first came up. **
In Canada, for the past three years I have presented at every Annual NCRA
conference: in Halifax 2011, Kingston's 2012 meeting, and last June 2013 in
Winnipeg. In all my meetings with varying audiences the work of AMARC
receives enthusiastic support. While members in Canada and the USA vary in
their commitment, and many still share reservations given the differences
in funding models within our sectors and differences in mandate between
community radio, public radio and mixed community/commercial radios /
on-line stations… that form our regional affiliation networks in the USA
and in Canada. ****
However, I feel there is in principle support for exploring our mutual
responsibilities in organizing a formalized region.****
Note: given that AMARC does not have a mandate from the assembly to move
forward on this process at this time, this process in tentative and
dependent on the support from the international board and their approval to
bring our proposal forward for the assembly's consideration at the AMARC 11
I hope to see many of you at the meeting in Montreal. If you are not able
to attend and would like to participate you may email me your suggestions
to enrich the conversation and range of possibilities share.****
Sylvia Richardson, ****
AMARC VP from North America****

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