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[creative-radio] National Campus and Community Radio Association Community Radio Awards

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Subject: [media] NCRA Community Radio Awards
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Date: Fri, June 19, 2009 10:33

Released June 19, 2009

Winners earn their spikes
Outstanding community radio producers celebrated

Montreal — Community radio stations across the country have been
honoured for programming that ranges from a show about the effect of
climate change in the North, to live music in Brandon, Manitoba to an
18-hour day of programming about Palestine that brought together
participants from North America, Europe and Palestine itself.

These and 10 other categories were part of the National Campus and
Community Radio Association's annual Community Radio Awards held in
Montreal last week.

Founded in 1993 with a contribution from the Standard Radio group, this
year's awards saw a number of new categories to recognize the range of
what stations do.

CKLB-FM, based in Yellowknife, won two awards for outstanding

"We are so happy here," said the station's Executive Director, Dane
Gibson. "Just like all the radio stations in NCRA we work so hard and
don't always see a lot of recognition for it. Thank you…it's a real
honour for us."

The awards ceremony was hosted by Pat Dillon-Moore from the National
Film Board and former station manager at CKUT-FM in Montreal. She
presented each winner a trophy of a railway spike collected in Montreal
from a decommissioned railyard under the Turcot highway interchange,
itself being dismantled. They represent an ongoing commitment to
connecting the country through technology.

The awards had submissions from new and longstanding members and campus
and community stations working in both rural and urban areas and goes
some way to recognizing the diversity of the community radio sector.

Thanks to jury members Caroline Cote, Janna Graham, Adrian Harewood,
Melissa Kaestner, Stu Mills, and Rebecca Zandbergen for offering their
time and ears. They had to make tough decisions and all mentioned the
quality of the work submitted.

The winners are listed below. The complete list of winners and
honourable mentions, along with clips of their work, will be available
on the NCRA website soon.

The winners are:

Community Development:
CKHA-FM (Canoe-FM), Haliburton

Lifetime Achievement "Legend" Award:
Peter Royce, CFRO-FM, Vancouver Co-op Radio

Local Talent Development:
"The BRL Show" Alvaro Rivas and Justin Gunderson, CHUO-FM, Ottawa

Volunteer of the Year:
André St-Jacques, CHUO-FM, Ottawa

And the following awards were for Outstanding Achievement in Programming:

Aboriginal Affairs and Culture:
"Gwich'in Language Lesson", William Greenland, CKLB-FM, Northwest

Creative Production:
"When Radio Attacks", Kent Davies, CKUW-FM, Winnipeg

"Brandon Bands", Kevin Wielenga, CJJJ-FM, Brandon

"Tens of Thousands of Canadians Protest Israeli Attacks on Gaza Strip",
Chris Albinati, CKUT-FM, Montreal

Special Programming:
"Radio Free Palestine", CKUT-FM, Montreal

Third Language:
"Tonic" Ji-Young Kim, CHRY-FM, Toronto

"Les luttes des sans-papiers en France", Aaron Lakoff, CKUT-FM, Montreal

Syndicated Show or Podcast:
"Ends of the Earth", William Greenland and Kirsten Murphy, CKLB-FM,
Northwest Territories

Current Affairs or Magazine Show:
"Off the Hour", CKUT-FM, Montreal


For more information please contact:
National Campus and Community Radio Association
l'Association nationale des radios étudiantes et communautaires
1 866 859 8086 or (613) 321 2440
Kevin Matthews, Executive Director –
Shelley Robinson, Membership Coordinator –

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