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stefantenner 22/10/2008
Comment from user:
i'm active in free radio scene in germany and would get & spread new
informations about radio activities

st.charles522616 26/10/2008
Comment from user:
Our Organization is a Non-Profit Organization providing free education,
Boarding and Health facilities to poor and under privileged children's
and communities irrespective of caste and creed.

Comment from user:
I work at Panos London and am interested in media for development.

rplaetevoet 30/10/2008
Comment from user:
I am the coordinator of the Radio 1812 initiative, a worldwide event
that brings together radio stations to celebrate International Migrants

Comment from user:
I am a radio lecturer and veteran radio presenter/producer based in
Wales,UK. I am interested in discovering practitioners in experimental
radio from around the world.

lohento 20/11/2008
Comment from user:
I'm ICT programme coordinator at the panos institute west Africa

ifanesita 24/11/2008
Comment from user:
I am Idrissa from Mali; I am a trained journalist. I am preparing a
Masters degree in Communication and Development Studies at Ohio
University. My Head of department encouraged me to join this group.

eddankatz 21 Jan 2009
Comment from user:
I am the International Affairs Director of the Electronic Frontier

martinsims23 2 Feb 2009
Comment from user:
Hello Moderator
My name is Martin Sims, I am a broadcast engineer and consultant based
in Cape Town South Africa. I work primarily in community radio and would
like to gain insights from this group

yonibluestar 5 Mar 2009
Comment from user:
for all the worlds peoples, cultures, tribes. for the grandmothers, the
women, the children ... all our sacred relations. Millennium Twain

sleepyblue85 6 Mar 2009
Comment from user:
I am an Egyptian blogger, and author in GVO. I'd love to share
info with others world wide about current events.

moinuddin6219 17 Mar 2009
Comment from user:
I want to be updated about your group

ke7tqc 4 Apr 2009
Comment from user:
Very interested in SWL and ham radio.

craigtower 14 Apr 2009
Comment from user:
I'm a radio researcher who recently finished PhD on local radio in Mali.

devomart 29 Apr 2009
Comment from user:
I am a radio practitioner and want to join this group

mrsujeetkumar 14 May 2009
Comment from user:
I belong to Orissa, a not-so-developed state in India. We plan to start
a CRS in our state to complement the educational efforts of the

sanxm 15 Jun 2009
Comment from user:
hi.. wish to join this group.

jusada 24 Jun 2009
Comment from user:
hi, I'm a journalist and enthusiastic with popular communication. i
wanna get in touch with radio experiences from all over the word



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