Monday, 11 January 2010

Kidnap Radio by Annie Correal

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From: Jay Allison,
Date: 2010/1/11
Subject: NEW SHOW: Kidnap Radio by Annie Correal
a showcase & workshop for new public radio
January 11, 2009

* NEW SHOW: "Kidnap Radio" by Annie Correal *

Annie told me her story over dinner.  Her father was kidnapped in Colombia
by the FARC guerillas.  He was held in the jungle for months.  He was
rescued in a military raid.  It was an amazing story, made more so by the
fact that it was so common.  Except perhaps for the Rescue part.  Thousands
of people are still missing down there, and there's a radio station that
broadcasts to them--messages from their loved ones.  Shows like "Voices of
Kidnapping" have been doing this for years and years.  I asked if Annie
would want to go back and tell the story of her father, and also of those
who are still missing and those who love them. This is Annie's first piece
for radio and it's a good one.

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Jay Allison
Atlantic Public Media
Woods Hole, Massachusetts


"A lot of the work I've done as a print reporter has been hard news
reporting – on crime and court cases, for example – in New York City. This
invariably involves talking to grieving family members, so I came to the
task of interviewing the family members of the kidnapped and disappeared
somewhat prepared. However, I was not prepared for the intimacy of a radio
interview. I anticipated more reserve on the part of my subjects and I was
surprised to find that they were more comfortable talking on mic than I

-Annie Correal

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