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[creative-radio] CKUT: "Democracy in Haiti" launch! 02/05/2011


* CKUT radio: "Democracy in Haiti" Mixtape Montreal broadcast launch
Solid'Ayiti collaboration with Nomadic Wax in NYC

Monday, May 2nd, 2011
broadcasting 12h - 14h
CKUT Radio, 90.3fm
tune-in globally via live stream at

Tune-in for a Montreal radio broadcast launch of the recently released
"Democracy in Haiti" mixtape live on CKUT community radio.

Featuring interviews with Haitian hip-hop artists Vox Sambou & Diegal Leger
(Rawgged MC) and also filmmakers Magee McIlvaine & Lena Jackson currently
finalizing a documentary film "Democracy in Haiti" on grassroots Haitian
struggles. Interviews will focus both on the recently released mixtape, via
Nomadic Wax in New York City, but also on the process of creating the
"Democracy in Haiti" documentary film.

For the Montreal broadcast launch for "Democracy in Haiti" CKUT radio, we will
feature tracks from the compilation but also other Haitian musical sounds,
hip-hop and beyond, projecting the diverse sounds of progressive Haitian
musical culture. This Montreal broadcast launch of "Democracy in Haiti" will
air as a special edition of "World Skip the Beat" on Monday, May 2nd in
Montreal in collaboration with Nomadic Wax and the Montreal-based collective

Also joining the program is author and activist Yves Engler speaking Canadian
interference in Haiti dating back to the 2004 coup d'état against popular
Haitian political leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide and recent reports on Canadian
interference in post-earthquake Haiti.

* Solid'Ayiti

email: info(at)

* background info on "Democracy in Haiti" Mixtape

Serving as the sister project to the upcoming Nomadic Wax documentary film,
"Democracy in Haiti," the Democracy in Haiti Mixtape highlights the political,
cultural and social issues facing Haitian youth after the earthquake that
struck the country in January 2010. The third film in the "Democracy In ..."
series, "Democracy in Haiti" presents to audiences Haitian youth who have been
active in the rebuilding of their country. In Haiti the youth make up the
largest percentage of the population, yet, their voice is often ignored in
discussions of political importance.

Serving as an outlet for Haitian youth to bring forth their voice, "Democracy
in Haiti" spotlights several young artists who have taken active roles in the
reformation of Haiti's cultural and political stature. Lena Jackson, the
Nomadic Wax Director of Photography for the "Democracy in Haiti" film, recently
returned to the country to document the events of the second round presidential
elections and further capture the voice of Haitian youth on film. "Democracy in
Haiti" helps audiences understand the important role Haitian youth must play in
the foundation of Haiti's political and social future. Featuring talent from
Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora around the world, the Democracy in Haiti Mixtape
brings together a diverse group of hip-hop artists contributing verses that
emphasize the socio-political issues currently facing Haitian society. As the
audio backdrop to the "Democracy in Haiti" film, the Democracy in Haiti Mixtape
encourages Haitian youth to stand up and take part in the successful rebuilding
of their nation's society.

The Democracy in Haiti Mixtape is mixed by DJ Nio of Zero Plastica and produced
by Magee McIlvaine of Nomadic Wax, Vox Sambou and DJ Nio. Mastered and
engineered by Dan Cantor of Notable Productions.

visit to learn more about the "Democracy in
Haiti" film.

Tracklist - (Mixed by DJ Nio of Zero Plastica crew out of Italy)

1. Krs One speaks about Haiti*
2. Diegal + Dj Nio - Intro
3. Vox Sambou - Ô Haïti
4. Stichiz - Haiti Peyi Mwen
5. Khaos Le Messager - Rich-Ter d'Haïti
6. Trajik - Mond sa
7. PJay. f. F-Ner (Majik Click). - "Rev Brize"
8. Lou Piensa - skit
9. Emrical - Oublie
10. Nomadic Massive - Afrika Malik El Umma
11. G Bobby Bon Flo - Se reyalitem
12. Karma Atchykah - Diasporama
13. Katalog - Nou two toleran
14. Eyezon - Yele 'Ele
15. BrownRice Family f. Okai - Soldier
16. Koloni - Judgement


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